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Jul 27, 2015 3:12 PM ET

Propagad Online Marketplace Connecting Advertisers & Publishers Through Ad Spaces

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 27, 2015

Propagad connects startups and small businesses who need to advertise with publishers and media outlets. To do this, we have created a marketplace to find practically every ad space available in the world.

Our platform is the first of its kind to bring publishers and media outlets across all forms of media together in one streamlined location, and offer startups and small businesses a one-stop shop where they can handle all of their advertising needs efficiently and cost-effectively.


Advertising is a crucial component of the growth and success of any company, but for today’s startups and small businesses, finding the advertising that’s right for them is easier said than done.   

Over the past few years, marketing costs have increased dramatically, requiring even the biggest companies to find smarter ways to manage their marketing budgets. For startups and small businesses that don’t have corporate-sized marketing budgets, the rising cost of marketing has put them at a serious disadvantage.

Meanwhile, the advertising landscape in our digital age is constantly shifting. New and unexpected types of marketing media are born every day, and the best way to reach your audience today may not necessarily be the best way to reach them tomorrow. This audience evolution has made flexibility a must-have in any marketing strategy, and has highlighted how crucial it is for a company to be able to move effortlessly from media type to media type along with their target audience.

Startups and small businesses aren’t the only ones feeling the effects of the changes in the advertising landscape; for publishers and media outlets, the situation is equally fraught. With businesses being more careful with where they put their ad dollars, publishers and media outlets are often left with no alternative but to chase after advertisers looking for business — 

Allow us to give you an example:

As a creative and marketing consultant for companies of different sizes and within different industries, Cesar Lang, the founder of Propagad, often found himself flooded with publisher’s emails, calls, and visits to get his clients to advertise in their media channel.

There were consistently 20 different media outlets that would email him every week asking to advertise with them.

But this didn’t add up. How could these media outlets be working so hard to fill their needs when Cesar (and many others just like him) were also spending incalculable hours researching for the right media channels that could really fit their client’s target audience, locally and internationally?

Finally, the idea was brought to life: Both parties need a faster and simpler way to connect and do business. And with that, Propagad was born.


At Propagad, we believe today’s startups and publishers need a faster, simpler way to connect and do business – one that takes advantage of all that 21st century technology has to offer, and equips startups and publishers alike with the tools and resources they need to achieve their goals.  

Propagad is a new advertising platform where businesses of all shapes and sizes can network, research, find, and buy the ad space they need to share their message and grow their business — in any media, in any country, on any budget.

Propagad is the first platform of its kind to bring advertising across all different media together in one streamlined location. If it can help you reach your audience and grow your business, you can find it on Propagad:


Propagad is the next stage in advertising evolution for both startups and publishers:

Propagad is the go-to resource for discovering and connecting with advertising opportunities that fit their specific needs, budget, and target audience — both locally and around the world. Businesses can filter publishers and outlets based on the media types they’re interested in, plus follow their favorite media outlets and get updates about publication lines, releases, promotions, and content that can help them improve their advertising strategies.

Propagad offers a unique opportunity to get in front of one of the most influential and up-and-coming populations in advertising today – startups and small businesses. Better still, Propagad makes chasing down advertisers a thing of the past because with Propagad, the advertisers come to them.


We get calls every day from advertisers and local media outlets who want to use Propagad. We talk to them about our services and build our database.

Currently, we have a landing page built and published on In the first two days of launching… 

We have also been highlighted on numerous media outlets like KillerStartups, Betalist, TheStartupPitch, LaunchingNext, LaunchList, and StompStart.


Once we lock down funding, we will build out our full site within 3-4 months. Once developed, we will open the website to media outlets and have them create a profile, including the type of advertising space they have available. Our goal is to build a database before businesses access the website.


Cesar is Propagad’s lone employee. As such, he is responsible for the company’s operations, strategies, brand perception and marketing. He sets goals and processes to achieve success.

Cesar holds a Bachelors and Masters degree in interior architecture and design. His 10+ years of experience working with small architectural, design, remodeling, and development companies has pushed him to find creatives solutions that were not only beautiful, but marketable and business-oriented. Thanks to this experience, Cesar has built a unique professional profile with experience in integrated design and marketing solutions. Cesar also founded and

Contact Information:

Cesar Lang

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