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Jul 27, 2015 12:35 PM ET

Archived: Community Shared Agriculture in the Philippines: Let’s change the world with food

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 27, 2015

Community Shared Agriculture in the Philippines

Change the world with food, this is our mission.

Good Food Community is a Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) program founded in the Philippines since 2011.

We are about growing a sustainable society that nourishes everyone—you, the farmers, the land and generations to come. The multiple crises of our age serve as an invitation to evolve a new system and culture—one that puts the planet and people first. We believe this is possible through Community Shared Agriculture.

What is CSA?


Community Shared Agriculture is a sustainable alternative distribution system that supports smallholder organic farming by subscribing to prepaid, local and seasonal vegetables delivered weekly to your community.

The CSA business model provides farmers with a stable demand and guarantees subscribers with a share of the harvest every week.

CSA also enables farmers to plan ahead and grow what is needed for a specific number of subscribers who have put their trust in the farmers by paying for the produce upfront. 

We coordinate a network of over sixty (60) smallholder partner farmers from the provinces of Benguet, Mt. Province, and Tarlac to provide fresh produce weekly to our subscribers. As of this campaign, we are supplying over ninety (90) subscribers in Metro Manila.

The Project

Taking care of our partner farmers is of utmost importance to us. We want to help them form meaningful relationships with the people they feed and be agents of change and beacons of hope in their respective communities.

Our goal is to restore dignity to the profession of farming and empower farmers to innovate, be creative, and excel in their craft.

Be part of our advocacy by pledging support to our farmers’ Learning & Accreditation (L&A) Program.

The L&A Program will provide Good Food Community partner farmers with the necessary tools, life skills, and practical knowledge to sustain their own farms; manage their own agribusinesses; and positively influence their communities by living a sustainable lifestyle and being an agent of change.

The program includes the following activities:

·  Farmer Support Activities

– provision of useful farm equipment and tools (i.e. water drums, pH meters, digital weighing scales, etc.)

– workshops and seminars on seed saving, germination techniques, soil health,  natural pest control, and permaculture design

– educational trips to organic farms and demo sites

·  Entrepreneurial Development

– workshops on farm management

– seminars on financial planning and basic accounting

·  And Advocacy Workshops

– how to set up a local CSA and Farmers’ Markets

– family nutrition and meal-planning

– cooking with locally-grown vegetables

– environmental stewardship

Other Ways You Can Help

We are also in need of the following items to help us preserve the quality of our produce and improve our logistics and delivery system:

1) A chest freezer

2) A refrigerator

3) An air conditioner for our vegetable storage space and packing area

4) A salad spinner for drying leafy vegetables

With your kind donations we can equip more farmers to practice organic farming and advocate Community Shared Agriculture in the Philippines.

Be part of the community and lets change the world with food!

Meet the Faces Behind Your Food

Good Food Community is a community of advocates, mindful consumers, young professionals, entrepreneurs, volunteers, and organic farmers composed of CEO and founder, Charlene Tan; operations manager, Ernest Barreiro; organic vegetable farmer and customer support manager, Paulo Sandoval; yoga instructor and marketing manager, Micah Lima; organic vegetable farmer and farmer support manager, Jabez Flores; organic rice farmers and Transition Philippines partners, Gwyneth Williams and Danny Buddhakorola with Sara Kaserer, Demelza Haurat, and Timi Manching; packing and delivery team, Drei Castillo, Eric Go, and Eros Valerio; the farmers of COFPC in Capas, Tarlac; La Organica in La Trinidad, Benguet; and ECP in Bauko, Mt. Province; and our partner vendors at Good Food Sundays.


Contact Information:

Gwyneth Williams
Ernest Barreiro
Jabez Flores
Micah Lima

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