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Jul 26, 2015 11:33 AM ET

Archived: The Natural Weight Loss Company: a range of healthy meal shakes as an innovative method of losing weight without compromising on taste and enjoyment

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 26, 2015

The Natural Weight Loss Company

The Natural Weight Loss Company


The Idea

We have identified a global problem with a London-based solution – the obesity pandemic.

  • Obesity costs the UK £47 billion per year [The Times (1)]
  • Global obesity costs are an estimated US $2 TRILLION [CNN money (2)]
  • Britain is the fattest country in western europe except for Iceland and Malta [Lancet medical journal (3)]
  • Half all UK citizens will be obese by 2030 [NHS (4)]

David Cameron said on the 16th of May 2011: “Obesity, it already costs our NHS a staggering £4 billion a year.”  In 2015 it now costs around £9 billion!

We believe the problem is that the solutions currently offered by national governments, the medical profession and the food industry are not making any significant difference to the obesity pandemic. People are getting fatter each year with a recent Neilsen report revealing that over 52% of people in Europe consider themselves overweight (5).


Our simple solution

To make it easy for people to lose weight by replacing one or two meals a day with a super-healthy, plant-based, calorie controlled liquid meal.

No need to count points, add up calories, buy specific diet foods and our approach is backed by numerous reports (6). We have placed ‘ease-of-use’ at the heart of our business and have made losing weight a stress free, simple process. Our nutrition team have blended together a totally natural and filling shake called MaxMeal.

We pride ourselves in our naturally delicious Cocoa-Choc, Wild Strawberry and Velvety Vanilla shakes. They mix very well with water or your choice of liquid, have a fabulous mouth-feel and are really easy to use. 

We think that the really good news is that to the best of our knowledge we are the ONLY Company in the UK making a natural meal shake.


A little bit more about our healthy meal shakes:

  • Lots of natural honest goodness
  • Low calorie, low Glycaemic Index (GI) – no added sugars at all
  • Packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and healthy plant nutrients
  • Low allergy footprint – no wheat, GMO, yeast, gluten, soya
  • No nasties – colourings, flavourings, fillers, binders or preservatives
  • Packed with vegetables, fruit, spices and herbs for abundant PlantPower
  • Supports the national ‘5-a-day Fruit and Veg’ message
  • Rich in healthy fatty acids for blood sugar control and optimal brain function
  • Contain probiotics for healthy bowels and fibre to aid digestion


Max Tomlinson our nutritionist sums it up neatly ……… ‘We have created the perfect, science backed, easy to use weight loss tool. A mega-healthy, completely raw “PlantPower” meal shake which is the result of my 30 years in clinical nutritional practice and my huge passion for weight-loss and wellbeing. It contains all the natural ingredients that I know are essential for good health and vitality: a daily dose of green vegetables, fruits, good oils and vegetable protein. Our consumers will enjoy it as part of their daily weight management regime and will feel the burst of energy that comes from tapping into honest goodness.’


We plan to launch additional products in year 2 and will invite investors to participate. These include:

  • 2 additional shake flavours
  • Natural snack bars
  • Shake’N’Snax pack – ‘start the day the right way’
  • MaxHotPot – chunky stew with organic grains, beans, veg and spices
  • MaxSoup – quick, nourishing, gourmet
  • Herbal-based fat burning capsules
  • Food-based multi vitamin and mineral capsules



We created The Natural Weight Loss Company™ to manufacture and distribute our own range of weight loss meal shakes. The shakes are formulated and are ready to go into immediate production.

The demand for the MaxMeal  shakes stems from the success of our London-based Diet and Fitness Clubs (nearly 2000 members), our existing e-commerce site and our nutritionists identifying a gap in the market. Co-owners Max and Filipa Tomlinson have funded the development of the meal shakes to date.

We have an existing Diet Club client base who are primed to make the switch to our new range of shakes. Our current shake trials with over 400 people have shown excellent results and consumer compliance. In addition we are in preliminary talks with The Get Fit with Davina team to supply their planned weight-loss site. Davina MacCall has sold over 1.7 million exercise DVD’s. We are in talks with the following retailers to stock our products – Planet Organic, Wholefoods and Tesco Nutricentre.

We have been working with a bespoke health food manufacturer with a great deal of experience in the creation of protein powder mixes for the health and fitness industry. They are able to manufacture, pack and label our product. They have very reasonable MOQ’s and will store stock for us.

We have taken advice to be sure all of our products are compliant with all relevant UK and EU legislation. We make no health claims and our shakes are marketed as a food product. We have been advised that they are VAT exempt in the UK.

Contact Information:

Max Tomlinson

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