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Jul 25, 2015 3:31 PM ET

Sunbre change the beach-umbrella in 2.0 through the usb-port

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 25, 2015

Rom, Italy – The today smart phones are becoming more and more energy demanding often risking been not connected with friends and family. With the born of Sunbre this problem will be solved and in particular way for the time of been in holydays on a beach or on the river of lake or simply in relax in your or other garden. Image the possibility to recharge your smartphone lying under the own umbrella without the needs to go searching desperately for some possibilities of recharging your phone. Sunbre will satisfy the necessity of millions of people which can enjoy been comfortably under their umbrella taking advantage 100% of the sun light.

Sunbre is a mini-kit, which is adaptable to a sun-umbrella. In this mini-kit is present a box which contain the electronics and the usb-ports. This box connects the two tubes of the umbrella. The sun – panels, very flexible and light are instead located on the top part of the umbrella and connected to the box allowing the cables to pass through the empty tube.

With Sunbre the old umbrella will become high tech-with very low cost. You do not need to buy a new umbrella high – tech, but just the Sunbre mini-kit, which can be adapted at your umbrella through the upper most, empty, tube.

The new Sunbre mini-kit is available on Indigogo from the July 20th at the launch cost of 60$ for the first 50 pieces. Then will rise up to 130$ till the end of the campaign. – After the campaign (in 35 days) the final cost will be of 200$.

Check it out you will save more than 50% of the cost.

Help Sunbre to become real with your donation on – several gadgets are also available!

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Spread the word, this is a pretty amazing device on offer, and the 60$ price won’t last for long.

Their final day is August 30th!

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