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Jul 25, 2015 8:40 AM ET

Archived: One World School LLC: courses to students around the world

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 25, 2015

One World School LLC

1WS is an online virtual high school (6th to 14th Grade) providing over 500 accredited courses to students around the world; including a new product – a solar tablet with content that is independent of internet and electricity.

One Virtual School LLC™ is a provider of a complete accredited online middle school, high school, or career-technical diploma programs, entirely online over the internet, or in a stand-alone product called Kennari™ that does not rely on electricity of internet access.
1WS is:
– an aspirational vision grounded in practicality
– built for a consumer base that believes in hands-on problem solving
– nimble, dynamic, responsive, practical, relevant, compassionate, timely
– global in scope, local in purpose
– boots on the ground, not locked in an ivory tower
– technologically savvy
– a brand built for today, recognizing that the world has moved into a new age
– Always in motion, evolving, and adapting to student needs
– Focused on reality
– Driven to awaken and unleash human capacity
While most US online schools focus on their local clients, 1WS focuses on both US students and international students; believing that “basic education is a human right,” supporting the Education goals of the United Nations, “Education for All.”

The Solution to a worldwide problem

The solution to a large part of the problem of lack of basic education around the world and lack of infrastructure is to offer online learning in a format that is cost-effective, adaptive to local technology, and includes quality content, assessment, up-to-date textbooks and technology, and incorporates accredited, highly qualified teaching methods. 1WS offers a solution in that it combines all of these elements in an efficient online infrastructure. Course content can be delivered in any of 16 languages, adapted to local culture and need, and even utilize and train local teachers through its online Teacher Education program.

The United States, itself, has more than 500,000 schools where online learning and computer access is limited because of budget constraints. UNESCO says there are more than 6 million children around the world who have ‘never’ stepped inside a classroom.

Products / Services

Educational Services

We are seeking funding for development and marketing of the Kennari, a solar powered tablet (Patent pending) which contains an entire educational program or career technical program which can be used in areas around the world where there is NO internet or electricity. We currently offer more than 540 courses online to students throughout the US but hope to extend our services internationally and to the oil and gas industry to users on the oil platforms around the world.

Contact Information:

Diana J Muir

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