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Jul 25, 2015 12:30 PM ET

Archived: FIJO: Takeing the Fear out of Auto Repair

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 25, 2015





Fijo will act as the “Priceline” of automotive repair by providing a platform which allows auto repair shops to bid on a consumers auto repair services. Fijo is a free service that helps car owners find Great Prices, Great Mechanics, Right Now; from qualified auto care shops. Then easily book appointments online or in-app. There are more than 1.6 million appointments made for auto care services daily in the United States and Fijo will offer descriptions and prices for nearly 50,000 specific auto repair procedures.

A consumer will simply log into Fijo via desktop site or mobile app, register his/her vehicle by entering or scanning the vehicle VIN number. Once consumer has entered his/her information they can elect to enter the repairs needed or have a diagnostic done on their car to determine the cause for repair. If the consumer request diagnostic he/she will be directed to an auto repair shop on the Fijo network to have the diagnostic performed. Once the consumer receives the free diagnostic, a repair report will automatically be generated and uploaded to the consumers Fijo profile. This report will list all repairs, highlighting the severity of each repair from high to low, as well as cost repair estimate.

Once the consumer is ready they can simply choose which repairs from the report they want fixed and the price they can pay for the services. The bid then goes out to all the auto repair shops on the Fijo network within the consumers’ specified radius, except for the auto repair shop that performed the diagnostic, this shop will be voided from bidding on the consumer’s auto repairs giving each consumer an unbiased diagnostic. The shop owners will then give users 1 of 3 selections to choose from; 1) This ($0.00) is our lowest Price 2) This ($0.00) Price is Negotiable 3) Make me an Offer; consumer can 1) Reject bid & close notification 2) Submit a counter offer slightly lower 3) Accept bid from shop.

When the shop owner agrees to a bid placed by a Fijo user, Fijo takes the users payment and then deducts a transactional fee, before further remitting payment to auto repair shop owner. Fijo will then direct the consumer to the repair shop where the repair will be performed.
The auto repair shop will not offer or ask to perform any other repairs. Fijo backs all shops repair purchased via the Fijo repair network with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Each auto repair shop owner’s transactional fee will vary. For instance, the more levels of mechanical certifications a business possess the less their transactional fee. A shop owner can also decrease their transactional fee without mechanical certifications by receiving positive reviews from Fijo users.

By labeling each company with a unique Fijo network Id#, instead of the business’ name it allows for an unbiased selection from Fijo users and an equal opportunity on repair bids for all auto repair shop owners using the Fijo network.

Every Fijo user once registered will have a profile which will act as a digital repair log.

Shop owners using the Fijo network to offer repair services will benefit from technology like SMS marketing, geo-fencing, and other inter-active marketing platforms all built into the Fijo network and Mobile application. These features will give Fijo shop owners marketing & promoting tools, designed to encourage shop owners to take advantage of the Fijo network to reach new customers as well as retain the shop owners’ services to the Fijo network. The Fijo network is open to various types of motorized engine repair service providers but only repairs for motorized engines used on land & sea vehicles will be allowed over the Fijo network. Shop owners will receive digital notifications via smartphone or internet each time a Fijo user is seeking repairs in their

What makes this app so unique

  • Fijo is the only app that address the problems associated with unfair auto repair practices. We have already signed up more than 1,300 auto repair shops in Southern California and we continue to grow that base of repair shops daily.

Why we need your support

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  • Development
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