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Jul 25, 2015 4:22 PM ET

Fiddes/Tinkler+Mothership Orchestra

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 25, 2015

Fiddes/Tinkler+Mothership Orchestra

The story of the project

Dave Theak, the artistic director of the Jazzgroove Mothership Orchestra approached me in early 2014 to write the music for a live recording featuring prominent Australian jazz trumpeter Scott TInkler. The Mothership has an incredible history of international collaboration in it’s relatively short 10-year history: including Maria SchneiderJef NeveDarcy James ArgueJohn HollenebeckCharles TolliverJim McNeely and Florian Ross. Dave really wanted to maintain the Australian programming of the band and having recorded, released and toured several concerts involving Australian Artists, Dave believed I had something that would really contribute positively to the Mothership’s repertoire. The recording was set for the 1-year anniversary of Sydney jazz club Foundry616 in September 2014.

I now need to put my music out on a record so you can hear it!

The Jazzgroove Mothership, performing with Maria Schneider. You can see me bottom right on the trumpet.

This project has been the culmination of a long and continuing association between myself and the Jazzgroove Mothership Orchestra: one of Australia’s premier jazz ensembles. As a performer with the band on and off for 10 years, a regular member since 2009 and one of the band’s resident composers, I have presented a new piece each year for the JMO to perform on tour, either an Andy Fiddes composition or an arrangement for guest artists.

Dave Theak. Artistic Director, Jazzgroove Mothership Orchestra.

The live performance went very well and the energy that the band brought to the stage was excellent. Due to unforseen events, the recording (although beautifully recorded by Ross Ahearn) had enough inconsistencies to warrant a decision to not release the entire concert. This left myself, Dave and the band not only with nothing to produce, but at a loss financially.
We would still love to produce this concert, but under better conditions in a studio and with the ability to have more rehearsal and preparation time.

Australian trumpet virtuoso Scott TInkler.

Scott Tinkler is Australia’s leading trumpet virtuoso. Distinguished by his individual tone, rhythmic integrity, stunning technique and improvisational invention, Tinkler has led his own groups since 1990 and has composed upwards of 50 original works.
He has performed and recorded with leading artists such as Branford Marsalis, Paul Grabowsky, Joe Lovano, Betty Carter, Tim Berne, Jim Black, Han Bennink, Guru Kaaraikkudi Mani, Mark Simmonds, Mike Nock, Bernie McGann, Simon Barker, John Rogers and Tony Buck. Given his extraordinary skill, he has been engaged as a soloist with the Melbourne, Queensland, Adelaide Symphony Orchestras, Elision Ensemble and the London Sinfonietta.
Scott has released more than 25 CD’s as leader or co-leader, is currently active in Simon Barker’s Chiri trio with pansori singer Bae Il-Dong worldwide and has won numerous awards from the Australia Council and ARIA in recognition of his contributions to Australian music.

Andy Fiddes. Sydney based trumpeter and Composer.

From humble beginnings in NSW country brass bands, Andy Fiddes is quietly gaining a reputation in Australia for being a creative jazz composer and performer. Andy began playing cornet at age 11, and quickly made his mark winning the NSW state junior Solo championships 6 months after picking up an instrument. From there it was no looking back, studying with John Kellaway in Newcastle, with notable performances as principal trumpet in the Australian premier of Andrew Schultz’s “Where the Dead Men Lie” and winning several State Championships and National titles with Newcastle Police Youth Club Brass.

Upon moving to Sydney, Andy studied baroque trumpet and classical repertoire with Peter Walmsley in addition to orchestration and harmony with Ian Shanahan and Anne Carr-Boyd as part of performance studies at the Sydney University Department of Music.

From there he changed his focus to jazz, enrolling in the Sydney Conservatorium Bachelor of Jazz. Amongst others, Andy studied under Dick Montz, Gordon Brisker, Mike Nock and Phil Slater. During this time, Andy formed Survival of the Fiddes and his large ensemble Fiddaesthetic, featuring Gordon Brisker. He also received requests to write for the Mike Nock Small/Big band.

Since finishing study, Andy has developed a unique sonic signature with his composition, ranging from small to large ensemble writing, with two records as a bandleader to date: Survival of the Fiddes – fear smile, and Andy Fiddes – livewire. Both were released on Jazzgroove records and received critical acclaim. He also recorded with the Jazzgroove Mothership Orchestra featuring Kristen Berardi in 2010 and once again with the JMO featuring Alex Sipiagin and Bob Shepherd and compositions by Dave Lisik in 2012.

How the funds will be used

I have the pieces written for the entire CD.
Scott Tinkler is onboard.
Rattle Records has expressed interest in the project
We have a studio booked in September (7&8).
The band is existing and have been given the dates.

The band has had some philanthropic support for this project, but recording a big band (17 professional musicians) containing some of Sydney’s more in-demand instrumentalists requires a serious amount of funding!

Two day studio hire incl. engineer (rm 227 at ABC): $4,279.00
Extra mic hire: TBC
Piano Tuning (per day): TBC
Payment for musicians (rehearsals 15+hours/two days recording/guest artist fees): $16,660
Mixing and Mastering (I will be mixing, Mastering will take place elsewhere TBC): $1500+
Production of the physical CD: TBC – Rattle Records in Wellington NZ has expressed interest in producing the record.
(Rattle is an independent label that operates out of the University of Wellington).
Accommodation/flights for guest Artist (Scott will be coming from Melbourne): TBC 

So as you can see there is the possibility for this to run upwards to $20,000 to produce.

Some of my other work

I have been playing the piano since age 4 and trumpet since age 11. I have studied at the Sydney University Music Department and the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, achieving Bachelor and Master degrees in music performance. I have studied with Mike Nock, Gordon Brisker and Phil Slater. Since completing my jazz degree, I have played with the Australian Army Band Corps, writing for and playing on the ARIA nominated recording Camouflage – EXPOSED. Currently I have several small groups: a quintet; Survival of the Fiddes, a quartet; Livewire, and a trio; The Andy Fiddes Trio. I am also an audio engineer, and you will most often see me at Foundry616 making the bands sound as good as they can on stage.

I have two records out on the Jazzgroove Records label:
Survival of the Fiddes – fear smile…
Andy Fiddes’ livewire…

You can find some of my small group work and more info here:
There is also a good cross-section of my music on
Some of Scott TInkler’s work can be found here:


Our biggest challenge is to have the music to a suitable standard to record. This means HOURS of rehearsal time and the expectation for the musicians to work for very little is not appropriate for the calibre of musician with JMO.

Then of course is the funding to go through with the project. Beyond our philanthropic partners, this is where YOU come in!

Contact Information:

Andrew Fiddes
David theak

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