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Jul 24, 2015 3:05 PM ET

Motorcycles, Madness & Miracles – A Journey to Empowerment

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 24, 2015

Motorcycles, Madness & Miracles – A Journey to Empowerment


I am crowd funding so my manuscript will be published and marketed by a company that has skills and experience in that field.


The goal of my manuscript is to empower those individuals who feel disempowered whether from external sources or mistreatment resulting in trauma.


Working alone for the past 20 years, I’ve been searching – mainstream therapy, self-help books, alternative, ancestral and indigenous healing modalities.  Discovering what made improvements and what was a waste of time, in my opinion. 
Finding joy in creating art, specifically custom painting motorcycles, gave me a career and a way to express myself. Journaling gave me release. Tools like EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and plant essences gave me relief when times were tough.

I was making progress and starting to make some profit financially. Then the rug was pulled out from under me and my whole world shifted.

Not knowing to whom I could turn, I followed the familiar path of writing, but somehow I knew this time my words would come before the public eye.  As I agreed internally to write a book, a piece of paper flew out the open window of a passing school bus and landed in the grass.  It was a child’s homework assignment on how to construct a sentence.  I laughed!  It was good to know that I wasn’t alone in this new mission, and then I got to work.

A humorous story emerged about a groovy guy that I met while hanging out at a motorcycle show in Sturgis during bike week, and we shared the highlights and lessons of our lives.

The initial draft was done, and I felt proud of it. Then a hawk excreted down the front of my clothes. I looked up ‘hawk’ in my indigenous book and learned that she represents the messenger. Hmmm…ok…guess the book still needs some work then.  And I started a new edition, and then another. Life lessons and experiences kept coming, shifting my perspective, and I kept writing. Finally arriving at the emotion of gratitude, I knew it was complete as I finished the sixteenth edition. 

With a total of twenty-four years of inner exploration and introspection, I’ve streamlined all my knowledge into a sometimes humorous, sometimes shocking manuscript plus appendix toolbox. 

My hope is that this will provide explanation, resources, and healing for:

  • Those who have experienced sexual abuse
  • ​Those who struggle with past regrets
  • Veterans and civilians with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)
  • People who feel like their lives are not in their control
  • Angry people who are disgruntled with the cards they have been dealt in this life
  • Seekers of Truth
  • Those who wish to live a more conscious, sustainable, and empowering life in harmony with the Earth.
  • Those who would like to peek into the world of motorcycles.
  • Those who would like to look behind the heavy curtain of sexual abuse.

Today, I am a woman in my 50’s with a simple vision to bring hope and healing to humanity.  I am humbly asking for your financial support. I believe in this book, ‘Motorcycles, Madness, & Miracles – A Journey to Empowerment’ and that is why I have made it a priority in my life these last three years over generating income. Your support and generosity will be gladly received for the final production and push which includes: obtaining copyright permissions, professional photos of the bike, publishing the book, and marketing.

~ Thank you so much, my heart is filled with gratitude.

Contact Information:

Katarina Zora

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