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Jul 24, 2015 1:06 PM ET

Archived: JuiceQube, LLC: an attractive, customizable charging station that fits anywhere it’s needed

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 24, 2015

JuiceQube, LLC

JuiceQube, LLC Logo


The JuiceQube is an attractive, customizable charging station that fits anywhere it’s needed. With IQ technology customers can charge up to 5 devices at a time, quickly and safely. Now you can put your branding in coveted prime real estate.

The JuiceQube is a charging station that provides the ability to charge multiple Apple, Android and other products by utilizing a built in USB charger with 5 individual ports. The product employs Smart Charge capability to allow each device to charge individually and simultaneously at a maximum charging rate.

The JuiceQube provides a tremendous advertising and branding opportunity that will be on display 24/7 and at a one-time cost per unit . While they are charging, customers or clients are guaranteed to have at least two impressions each time they charge, once when plugging in and the other when unplugging. As an advertiser or marketer, your goal in putting your name on something is that it’s being seen and retained, and with the JuiceQube they will not only use it, but will be grateful they can get the power they need for their devices.

This one of a kind unit will provide a never seen before latex and vinyl printing (wrapping) providing prominent, colorful and impactful advertising on 4 sides (top, 2 sides and the front). The unit can be designed with any artwork, and in multiple colors. The JuiceQube logo will share the front advertising space along with being on the back with our contact info.

The sales opportunity for the JuiceQube is tremendous and vast. The market is the U.S. and International where consumers are constantly looking for additional power to run a multitude of devices that require batteries and utilize a USB charging port. These products range from smart phones and MP3 players to a variety of tablets.

Lastly, the JuiceQube will have instant advertising and brand recognition with each unit sold. We will also be employing a large social media push to build a fun and full brand awareness campaign with additional consumer and business sales. We will target Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Vine, Facebook, etc to maximize the customers brand on the JuiceQube.

Products / Services


5-port USB charger that can be use as a unique promotional and advertising vehicle with up to four (4) color branding/artwork on four (4) sides. Four versions of the products exist: Premium – up to 4 color logo and artwork, Classic – up to 3 color logo and artwork, Standard – generic or JuiceQube branded, Mini – smaller version with up to four color artwork.

Retractable 3 in 1 USB Cables

Retractable 3 in 1 USB Cables: These are universal charging cords for 95% of all devices that are logo’d and sold to customers for either customer resale or customer convenience when someone doesn’t have a charging cord.

Clear Acrylic Advertising Sides

Clear Acrylic Advertising Sides: These are 4″x5″ and are clear and put on each side of the JuiceQube to be able to put advertising inserts created on a template to change the advertising or branding message at any time.

Retractable Security Cables

Retractable Security Cable: Optional Three foot security cables for helping secure the JuiceQubes from getting stolen. Both ends have a strong 3M adhesive or that they can be screwed in if wanted.

Contact Information:

Bradford Coyle

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