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Jul 24, 2015 12:39 PM ET

Archived: Food Truck – Shaved Ice on Wheels! Start-Up: The Snowie Bus Brings Shaved Ice to You! Fundraisers, parties, weddings, events, reunions & more!

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 24, 2015

Food Truck – Shaved Ice on Wheels! Start-Up

Short Summary

We have had a passion and a dream for years of owning our own Family Food Truck Business and serving our community while making a decent living doing it. 

My experience in the Food Industry includes working in an elementary school kitchen, multiple fast-food restaurants, being a night manager at Golden Chick, working for the Angus Steak Company and Cracker Barrel as a server, and for On The Border as a Hostess / Server. With my passion and experience, it’s a no-brainer that I should be involved in the Food Truck Industry!

Our youngest daughter, Kayleigh will be my side-kick in the day-to-day operations of the Food Truck. Kayleigh’s work experience includes: feeding the homeless in Dallas with us and Big Heart Ministries, volunteering at church, and babysitting her young nieces and nephews. Kayleigh is a teen with rockin’ Social Media skills and her knowledge of all things social will help us maintain our Social Media presence and keep our customers apprised of our daily locations. 

 We are running this campaign to raise awareness for our Start-Up business, Ice ParadICE – Paradise in the Ice (DBA Snowie), along with gaining supporters and funding. Being able to get the word out is imperative to our success, and letting our future customers know about the services we will provide is crucial. 

The Contributors of this project will help us to fulfill our dream of being self-sufficient, productive people in society who are bringing the fun and flavorful world of shaved ice straight to the neighborhoods, parks, parties, and events in our community, and to other neighboring communities.

The Contributors supporting this project financially will play a huge role in providing a fun, much-needed service to our community and neighboring communities by making it possible for us to bring the Snowie Bus attraction, with deliciously flavored Shaved Ice, right to them in their neighborhoods, events or parties! 

Additionally, the potential for growth with this business is phenomenal, and our future plans consist of purchasing a Snowie building to set-up at a local grocery store and having the teens in our community work part-time to run the stand during the summer. Contributors will be a part of creating much-needed jobs in the future for our local teens. 

What We Need & What You Get

We need $67,000 – this includes: 
A Used Snowie Bus, fully equipped and ready to make money for $65,0000
Products / Supplies: $726.95 (includes Snowie Naturals – flavors with no artificial flavors or colors and Snowie Smart Syrups in compliance with the Smart Snacks for School Program!) 
Licensing, Permits & Insurance: $1205
Total: $66,931.95 
The Snowie Bus is equipped with the Snowie 3000 Shaver, Cold Plate Freezer, a complete water system, air conditioner, and a built-in flavor station where our customers will get to pour on their own flavors! 
The cost of a New Snowie Bus – $78,900
The cost of a Used Snowie Bus – $55,000-$65,000 
Pricing for the Snowie Bus can be viewed here. 

The Snowie Bus is more than just another Food Truck, it’s an attraction where people gather around it taking pictures and making it a part of their experience and memories!  

Additionally, with the health-conscious products that we offer, we will provide not only great tasting shaved ice to the public, we will also be supporting healthier eating choices by providing these natural, nutritional options!

If we don’t reach our entire funding goal, we will use the funds that we have received in addition to a loan towards the purchase of the Snowie Bus – we won’t give up our dream and we will pursue whatever means necessary to get our Family Food Truck Business up and running! 

The Impact

The Snowie Bus, similar to an Ice Cream Truck, will bring back those fond memories of the Ice Cream Man from your childhoods and create new memories with your children. And, we have big plans to provide delicious shaved ice at all your important events – including work parties and office meetings to weddings, graduations, pool parties, showers, neighborhood gatherings and any other event you can think of!  We will bring the Snowie Bus to you and it will add a whole new level of fun and excitement to your next special occasion! 

As a Contributor to this project, you will be helping to bring the joy and fun of the Snowie Bus attraction and delicious shaved ice to others in the community – giving you that warm, bubbly feeling all over! 

Risks & Challenges

As with any dream-fulfilling adventure or new start-up business, there is the potential for unforeseen setbacks or obstacles. If on the unlikely chance we do come across any setbacks or if obstacles should come up, my plan is to continue handling the forward progress of this special project systematically and competently – and being a part of Snowie, we will always have the guidance and support from other professionals in this industry who we can reach out to and receive answers from, and we can reach out to other Snowie independent business owners for what ever guidance we may need. This project has been well thought out and already looked over by many respected industry people including the Food Truck Empire and StartOpp.com, so we go into this business with the highest confidence and a minimal amount of risk.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you cannot help us financially, that’s okay! You can still be a valuable part of the Family Food Truck Start-Up by sharing this project with your friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, contacts from near and far…spread the word! Your voice, and making some noise about this campaign will be tremendously helpful! You can use the Indiegogo share tools to make sharing quick and easy. 
Contact Information:

Tammy Jones

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