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Jul 23, 2015 9:55 AM ET

Archived: USFOR DESIGN & PRINT: an online printing company that recently doubled annual profits after bringing the whole of its business operation in-house

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 23, 2015


Company Logo


Usfor Design and Print is a growing online printing company based in Cornwall specialising in short run digital print.

The company recently brought its whole operation in-house, hiring three designers rather than outsourcing the work. The move has proved a tremendous success with sales growing considerably over the past 6 months. From 2014 to 2015 profits almost doubled:

– Turnover year end 31 March 2014: £221,397, profit £24,684

– Turnover year end 31 March 2015: £293,542, profit £47,636

This is down to a quicker production process, enabling the company to operate like a well-oiled design and printing machine.

During its seven years of operation the business has grown steadily and has a strong turnover track record, with the most pronounced period of growth arriving more recently after the strategic move. Now with more orders and staff to accommodate, the business is raising £65,000 loan investment.

The company will use the funding to take things to the next level (quite literally) in creating a second-floor design studio. This will allow the new designers to move from the production area into a more focused working environment.

The funding will also be used to refinance an existing £15,000 loan.

The business currently brings in monthly sales of circa £30,000 and profit of £5,000. This loan pitch is secured by a Personal Guarantee.

Purpose of Loan

Including the building work, desks and other items as well as new computers, the cost is estimated to be £20,000 plus around £9,000 on a new laminating machine. All the other funds will be used as working capital.

The company previously outsourced design, but now with everything in house, a reassessment of the facilities was made and a new solution was decided upon.

Management Experience

The management team has run Usfor Design and Print Ltd for over 7 years with steady growth each year. The business has a skilled and enthusiastic team with a great can do attitude. Owner David Bruce has a background as a software developer which has enabled him to develop a very slick ordering process that enables the company to offer great prices and a quick turnaround.

Why lend to us?

The company, now in its 7th year of trading, has a strong trading record and has shown growth year-on-year. It is an honest and stable company and has always made payments on time.

The company specialises in more profitable short runs –therefore it is in a stronger position than most traditional printers who are having to slash prices to get enough work to keep massive overheads paid.

The company prints and processes hundreds of jobs a month mainly for end users direct so they are not exposed to the risks some printers are of loosing one big contract.

Contact Information:

David Bruce

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