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Jul 23, 2015 7:00 AM ET

The New Solar Technology – unique and the most effective technology on the Word

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 23, 2015

About the new Solar Technology

It is a brand new Solar technology that solves on globally bases energetics and purity of environment on the whole Earth.

The goal of the new Solar Technology

The goal of the solar patent is for minimal costs increase effect of solar radiation and to provide source of electricity, hot water and heating even for the most poor people anywhere on the world.

Ambitions of the new Solar Technology

My patent has ambitions to put aside even the newest and most advance solar technology into a shadow.

What we need now in steps

Now we need to finance a patent registration in the selected countries such as USA, Europe, Africa, Asia etc. (costs already approx. 80 thousand Pounds). This is the first step.

Another step is to finance production of the new solar panel, which solves photovoltaics, thermics and focal ration at once (production will have been realised by one of good quality university in Czech Republic; costs approx. 135 thousand Pounds).

At the same time a production of other prothotypes into agricultare (gardens´ and fields´warming foils, yearlong greenhouses, etc.), construction field (inteligent plastering, providing of energetically full independent small objects – one nursery has been already builded) can be started. Costs approx. 50 th. till 1 mil. Pounds.

About the author

The whole of my life I have been interested in varies technologies and designs (this year it is my 40th year of my practice). I work alone.

I always design or project products that can help people in their needs or can fulfill their dreams.

I love to start where all others have ended.

Apart from other schools I also studied Technical University of Zvolen – Faculty of Wood Sciences and Technology.

Inventer of solar power system. Designer, Constructer, Architect of interiors, inside lay-outs and selected types of constructions, Builder, Analyst and Developer of new systems, Author of more than 50 patents,  Utility and industry models – patents in Czech Republic and abroad in field of wooden/metal constructions and other technologies in construction field and design, System and Project Manager, Provider of licences on the world basis,

solar power system provider, solution of construct items and design – aimed on interiors, setting-up strategy of sales for specific fields – elimination of commercial effects: financially demanding, fasion, etc.; setting-up an application of new technologies – in field of wooden goods and constructions; new constructions and technologies for long-term usage; productin of system complex – its application with effect on social field and elimination of risk.

Some more about the author

1. Author of solar patent No. 302600CZ; system increasing force of photovoltaic and thermic energy – replacement for classic and nuclear power plant – preparation of recognition of possibility of nomination of Nobel Prize – Dr. Luk Robinson as a consultant; BG – one of the biggest worldwide capacities of solar technology
2. Invitation by goverment organisation of Nigeria to apply solar patent for seizure of drinking water in Nigeria country
3. December 2012 – solar patent accredited by Switzerland International Patent Offices as a worldwide unique WO 2012 167759

Contact Information:

Mr Jan Sehnoutek, the author of the patent
Ms Anezka Alena Mandelikova, Mr Jan´s assistant
Tel: 00 420 774 367 964
Email: [email protected]

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