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Jul 23, 2015 3:08 PM ET

Archived: GREATEST HITS – photographer Chris Cuffaro has created an exhibition to celebrate his greatest loves: photography and music

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 23, 2015



Chris has been shooting some of the most popular figures in music for over 30 years. From Nirvana to No Doubt, Willie Nelson to Iggy Pop, Melissa Etheridge to Rob Zombie, or George Harrison to George Michael, Chris has made his career capturing unique images of some of our favorite artists. The Greatest Hits exhibition is his way of saying thank you to the people that have allowed him to do what he loves for decades. The Greatest Hits documentary is about capturing the stories behind the photos and getting a unique look at recent music history. Through the lens of Chris’ career we’ll reveal another side of your favorite artists and how the relationship between music and visual media has evolved in recent decades. 


Celebrating 30 years of shooting musicians, photographer Chris Cuffaro shares the stories behind the images and the making of this exciting exhibition.

After shooting in Los Angeles for over three decades Chris felt like it was time to celebrate his greatest loves: photography and music.  He is creating an exhibit and event that shares this passion with everyone.  He’s narrowed it down and chosen the best of the best, selecting these iconic images from his massive catalog of music photography.  These are his Greatest Hits!  This exhibition represents Chris’s most famous images, the amazing artists and exciting moments from his 30 years of music photography.  You will recognize them all and finally know who shot them.  This exhibition is his way of saying thank you to everyone he’s worked with over the years who helped him live his dream.

From the beginning to the big night! Greatest Hits the documentary is the story not only of the exhibition but of the photos themselves. The stories behind the photos from Chris and the subjects of the photos. Beyond Chris’ stories we’ll also be reaching out to you for your stories. Chris and the subjects of the photos have their stories to tell, but so do the fans of music and photography. So do you. These photos cover 30 years of music history. History that we lived together. Do you remember the first time you saw the George Michael Faith photo? Perhaps one of the photos of Nirvana reminds you of the first time you listened to Nevermind. Maybe you remember attending the original Lollapalooza tour. We’ll be looking for more great stories to include in this film. This isn’t just about Chris’ story. It’s about all of our stories from this era of music history.  If you love music and photography, you will love this documentary.


Upon completion of the film we will begin our distribution with the festival circuit. We strongly believe in the quality of the film and the value of the film’s content and will be aiming high with our submissions and seeking distribution deals through traditional means. We will also be examining our options for self-distribution and the growing possibilities with platforms including Seed&Spark, Vimeo, and VHX. Our desire is to make the film available to the biggest audience possible and we will aggressively pursue whichever option gives us the greatest ability to do that.

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Chris Cuffaro

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