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Jul 22, 2015 8:29 AM ET

Shugsy – Social & Dating: dating/social website

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 22, 2015

Shugsy – Social & Dating

Shugsy - Social & Dating



About Us

I have spent the last three months creating my Shugsy dating/social website. I would like to add more features and upgrade everything to make it better than any other mobile dating and social website/App out there. I started the website but have been left with my two children and have been unable to finish it due to money problems and not being good enough to do all the work myself. I would be extremely grateful to anyone that pledges!

“You can test the website now but I want to make it even better!”.

I would like to add fifteen more options/features, a few extra pages, new servers and make the site better than any other in looks and feel.

I’ve been hunting down bad reviews on all the dating/social sites and there’s a good few that have popped up alot during my research, I intend to implement them.

“The mobile site and Apps will be the same as the main site!”

The Cost

My aim is to become the number one mobile dating/social App across all platforms.

With the £1,200 raised we will:

  • Be able to pay for a larger server
  • Pay the cost of the massive amount of upgrades that I want doing
  • Put money towards advertising and marketing
  • Make the site the best ready for launch, better than any others.




Please feel free to sign up and test the site before pledging, although the site is not finished it’ll give you an idea of what we will be making even better! We already have some options that many mobile sites don’t have. 

We will be officially launching “Shugsy” at the end of August – mobile Apps for all devices and all media interfaces will be launching at the same time. 

“I thank you all for your support!”

 Please post suggestions of of things we can add on our Facebook page, help us build the best site for you!

Shugsy on Facebook >>Click me<< 

Please add me when you join Shugsy also!

I will be posting on Facebook and on other media platforms your role in helping Shugsy launch.


Contact Information:

Ross Shugar

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