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Jul 22, 2015 12:50 PM ET

Archived: PERFECTION: a story about the timely subject matter of self injury as it explores our cultures addiction to plastic surgery

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 22, 2015



As Perfection is my first feature, I feel that it is important to keep my vision of this project truthful. Being an actress and growing up in Los Angeles I have had ample experience with the absurd expectations that the media puts onto women. Clearly there is something wrong when teenage girls are going under the knife before their bodies are fully developed. Independent filmmaking offers us the chance to support original thoughts for younger women to question their role models and change our perceptions.

There have been some wonderful documentaries and television programs about self-injury. However, there has yet to be an American, narrative feature film where we follow a female protagonist from her journey from fear and isolation to humor and hope.

Screening Perfection at festivals and speaking with our audiences after at our Q&A’s we’ve had such positive feedback that this film is not only entertaining but an effctive tool for opening up a diolouge about this secretive subject matter. It has always been my dream to have the opportunity and resources to screen Perfection in treatment and recovery centers to hopefully inspire and encourage healing.

It is my goal to make Perfection accessable to as wide an audience as possible with more screenings and streaming the film online through all the major channels.


Deep in the heart of the San Fernando Valley two women KRISTABELLE and her beautiful, aging mother, SALLY are coming to terms with their complicated relationship and battling demons that started decades before.

Kristabelle, a woman in her thirties still lives at home. Over the years Kristabelle has become the handmaid, sounding board and quiet companion for her overbearing mother Sally who refuses to accept the fact that she never became a famous Starlet. Sally fancies herself a young, misunderstood sex kitten who rails against getting old and against the many men who have ruined her life, mainly Kristabelle’s father TONY.

Cramped in a small apartment in the Valley, Kristabelle lives in the shadow of her mother and is terrified of men and of moving out on her own. While her mother goes from plastic surgeon to plastic surgeon in search of external perfection, Kristabelle engages in the rarely talked about but prevalent behavior of self-injury. To dull the pain of her existence and escape the suffocation of her life, Kristabelle finds relief by cutting herself.

When Sally takes a trip to the dessert with her “Golden girl” friends leaving Kristabelle on her own for her birthday a lonely Kristabelle gets drunk, picks up a dude at the local comedy club and has a humiliating sexual experience which launches her into a heavy cutting episode but this time she goes too far.

This experience cracks open Kristabelle and Sally’s small world and with the help of a 30 day rehab stint, a lonely British stand up comic along with some Chinese medicine Kristabelle slowly finds that love can be more than skin deep.


Over this summer we are planning to screen Perfection for women’s groups and treatment centers including The Teen Project where  women 18-25 are already attending a writing group that I facilitate on a weekly basis courtesy of Spoken Inderludes. By September 2015 we plan to distribute Perfection through as many online streams as possible!

Contact Information:

Christina Beck

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