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Jul 22, 2015 1:19 PM ET

Archived: New Album Where East and West Meet: to open ears to my music and be able to create an album in English

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 22, 2015

New Album Where East and West Meet


The story of the project

Hi everyone,
Since resettling in Australia I no longer have access to some of the necessary equipment to make quality music. By running this campaign I’m hoping to open ears to my music and be able to create an album in English that will blend Eastern sounds with Western. As you can hear in the link below I have combined Persian Sufi music with a Western Rock style in one of my songs (Fire of Love) appealing to a wide audience and now I’m hoping to produce such songs influenced by ancient Persian poetry in English. I have also created Persian electronic rock style music with melodic acoustic guitar sounds. 
The album contains 8 tracks all recorded and produced in Iran with the help of more than 15 of the best musicians.
I would like to share my music with an English speaking audience. Please help me make this possible by purchasing my album and helping me to fund my vision.
If you are interested in listening to English songs inspired by pure Persian poetry, help me to make this happen. I have pasted the translation of the song above (Fire of Love) written by the Persian poet “Vahdat Kermanshahi” who wrote this poem around 200 years ago to give you an idea of how the lyrics of my songs will be!

This love has lit a fire inside me

A fire that has burned every way of knowing and all my core beliefs

There’s no word or phrase capable of describing it

So it’s better for them to put it all aside and not talk or write about it

Those who find the way to true love

Need have no fear of the dark corners on the road of life

All my words and every breath I take,

Gives a message and sings of you my love

Like a harp that can only sing of music

But not everyone can understand the secrets behind my song

Those of you in power

Let me in your ivory tower

Tonight I have lost my way home

It’s not long till dawn breaks

Then I’ll be gone, to where I belong

During my time

I have tasted the sweetness and bitterness of life

I learned all the secrets of this very long journey over one night

And now I am telling you that

Love guides the ones who feel the real meaning of it

To complete in one night

The journey of truth which others take

Years to achieve


How the funds will be used

This is just a small step in helping me to make this project a reality. Even though this amount is modest it will be an immense help to produce my second album.

The funds raised through your generosity will be used for:
1. Recording (studio fees)
2. Musicians Fees
3. Mixing
4. Mastering
5. Production Fee
6. Artwork
7. Distribution
All the above will account for about $8000.

Some of my other work

Omid Zohourian (born 22 October 1984) is a Persian singer, songwriter and guitarist. He has had some commercial success in his home country of Iran and is now continuing his career in Australia. Omid began learning music and guitar at an early age with his teacher Reza Haghighi, who later became his best friend. He started playing acoustic and electric guitar for a couple of bands in 2006.
Eventually, Omid and Reza started to collaborate and began to produce an album in 2007. In 2008 Omid released his first solo single Avare-ye-Ashegh (Homeless Lover), which hit the top 20 on PMC channel.
This was followed by the successful single Royay-e-Man (My Dream) in 2011. In 2012, Omid released his first and only album, “Call My Name” . Omid’s main influence is rock, sometimes combined with electronica; you can hear these influences in the album. Some of his popular songs from “Call My Name” are Atash-e-Eshgh (The Fire of Love), Bavar Kon (Believe it) and Eshgh-e-Aroosaki (Empty Love). All of his songs have been written in Farsi so far – now he is working on his first English album.

In 2013 Omid worked with “Andrew Griffiths” the aerial photographer of “Lensaloft Aerial Photography” on a 3D panoramic shot titled “Southbank by Twilight”. You can enjoy the amazing collaboration of music and photography at the link below.



To produce the first album of mine “Call My Name” I worked with a large number of amazing musicians in a great recording studio. As you know to create a quality album there are so many vital steps that need to be taken. From composing, arranging and recording to mixing & mastering and printing original CDs, etc. 
I have been meticulously planning this project for a long time now and with your help I am hoping to cover some of the many costs and get back to the studio to complete this project.
Contact Information:

Omid Zohourian II

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