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Jul 22, 2015 7:01 AM ET

Archived: MediChart Connect: a way to quickly access our information

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 22, 2015

MediChart Connect


This app could save alot of lives!!

Hello all, I would just like to say that my wife and I created this application after dealing with constant visits to our medical professionals, and wanted a way to quickly access our information, as the list got to be more than our two brains could handle.

With your donation, we hope we can add alot more features to the application, and with this 99 cents introductory offer, we will be developing more and more modules. Please review, as we want to know what else you would like to see in our applicaiton. Enjoy Ryan and Davonne Deschaine MediChart Connect

What makes this app so unique

  • This application can do all in one, and save lives.
  • GPS locator for where you are by a click of a button
  • Medical Journal for storing photos to keep track of health updates
  • Profile information for storing your personal information and photo upload
  • many many more…
  • EMS Staff and first responders contact medichartconnect@gmail.com to receive our application absolutely free!
  • We are asking your opinions on what you would like to see in our app.

Why we need your support

  • IOS Application
  • Integration with Hospitals
  • appointment scheduling
Contact Information:

Medichart Connect

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