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Jul 22, 2015 2:43 PM ET

Archived: KnewU – The New Muslim Experience: Assisting New & Renewed Muslims to grow in their faith organically via social and educational programs

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 22, 2015

KnewU – The New Muslim Experience

KnewU – The New Muslim Experience

Since the first American Muslim converts began taking shahadah (converting to Islam) over two centuries ago in the United States, new Muslims (converts to Islam), historically have experienced difficulty in transitioning into Islam. The majority never fully learning the foundational principles of how to practice or maintain their faith. Until the launch of KnewU in 2011, New Muslims had no organization to turn to that could fully understand their experience as converts in America. 

KnewU was founded by American convert, Abdullah Oduro, to assist New Muslims in successfully transitioning into Islam. KnewU provides educational programs and resources that make the learning of Islam’s core principles easy and fun. KnewU’s mission: 

 “To serve as a resource that builds the intellectual, spiritual and social needs of new and renewed muslims worldwide.”

To fulfill this mission on a global scale, KnewU will need to develop its organizational structure, business model and brand, to a level that has never been achieved by any Islamic organization in the world. The reason for this is simple, currently there is not one internationally known Islamic organization that is lead by and created entirely for New Muslims. KnewU will be the first, by embarking on its mission, not only solve one of the Islamic world’s greatest problems, but it will CHANGE the future and history of ISLAM forever.

The KnewU Primer Package

“It’s finally here!! A comprehensive package that contains what a new Muslim needs immediately after announcing his/her shahadah!! A package that is built with the basics. Don’t let them leave your mosque empty handed!!!

This Primer Package contains the following: Prayer Rug, Quran, Hijab, a CD containing recitation of Surah Al-Fatiha and explanation, Prayer Assistance Pamphlet, and the KnewU Workshop Book. 

Help SPONSOR a new Muslim today with what he needs in his beginning stages of education and practice!!! 

Check out the Primer Package Video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5BM_XdSyNc0

100,000 Americans embrace Islam every year

In the United States, a New Muslim is born every 5 mins. More than 60% of these converts are abandoning the protestant church and family traditions to walk the path of Islam. These Muslims enter Islam naked, without any support system or qualified mentorship. Due to this lack of support, majority of New Muslims in the West are forced to learn Islam through an endless sea of website links and videos online. Not knowing whether if what their learning is actually a credible and actual principle in Islam or not. Currently conversion into Islam in the United States and Europe is growing rapidly among Blacks, Latinos and Whites. There is no national or global organization meeting all the basic needs of these New Muslims. KnewU needs to seize this opportunity, and begin taking steps to position itself as the worlds first global New Muslim organization, built entirely for transitioning New Muslims into Islam.

KnewU fully understands the plight, challenges and experiences of New Muslims because it is primarily managed and operated by converts. 

What sets KnewU apart from other Islamic organizations serving New Muslims is it’s content. KnewU has developed content that is written from a New Muslim perspective. Short introduction manuals like “Iman Plan: Every Key Has Ridges”delivery simplified core Islamic principles free from cultural biases and interpretation. KnewU organizes and conducts engaging workshops and lectures for New Muslims, as well. 

Through our website, www.knewu.org, we offer all these services and provided assistance to new Muslims all over the world. 

Checkout what reverts say about KnewU: 



Vision for Coming Year

This year promises to be another big year for KnewU. 

Some of our goals for this year include:

  • Develop chapters throughout different sites in the USA and the World to provide the support needed for converts – training mosques and community centers on KnewU packages
  • Support and expand our current staff
  • Further distribute the new Muslim primer packages we produced to mosques and community centers all throughout the world
  • Expanded class offerings, activities and locations where these events are being held


Thank you for your support

KnewU is supported solely through its products, services and the generous donations of the community. We all know how important this work is, and thank you for believing in it and our new Muslims. Please take the following steps to ensure we can provide a high and broad level of support to converts all around the world:

  1. Donate – A simple but critical step, every dollar counts!
  2. Share – Please share this page and our video with others through email, Facebook & Twitter
  3. Prayers – Lastly but most importantly, please pray for our work and for all the New Muslims!


Contact Information:


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