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Archived: Coastr – Platform allowing retailers to identify, connect with and engage customers

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Customers want to feel special. They want to be recognized by name and feel welcomed as an individual, as opposed to just another warm body filling a seat. 

Coastr allows restaurants and retailers to identify, connect with, and engage their clientele better than ever before. Using Geolocation and Bluetooth Beacons, Coastr immediately recognizes customers on arrival, pushing notifications to hosts and allowing Coastr Enabled venues to tailor the individual customer experience. 

Through social feeds, instant messaging, and reservation requests, Coastr allows venues to focus on building repeat business with experientially focused clientele rather than discount centric customers.

Dynamic room management enables venues to prioritize more profitable clientele whether through immediate recognition of walk up traffic, or viewing contextual data around a reservation request.


Regardless of who’s working, Coastr ensures that clientele always get personal recognition. People dine out for the experience – to eat food made by someone else, served by someone else, in a new atmosphere, whilst socializing with dining companions. Coastr connects the participants in this ecosystem to make dining out the social experience it was always intended to be.

Whether it be the bartender that knows a favorite drink or the hostess that knows the Johnsons like the corner booth, it’s these little things that make your restaurants feel like home for so many.

Customers are more likely to buy an extra glass of wine, a dessert, and/or tip your staff a few extra percentage points when they are made to feel at home through personal recognition.

The only problem? It’s only individual staff members who are able to recognize these patrons. With a 68% turnover rate for the hospitality industry, it’s likely, if not inevitable, that many of these staff members will leave within a year, and with them will go the connection to their regular clientele.

That’s why Coastr is here to save a seat for repeat clientele! We make sure that patrons feel like family, even through shift changes and turnover.


Coastr is streamlining this industry, building customer analytics for venues that previously had no insight, and steering share of wallet towards Coastr Enabled venues


Airlines and hotels have been building loyalty through experiential benefits for decades; benefits that include priority check-in lines, concierge service, free upgrades or free checked bags, and lounge access. Coastr allows retailers to offer those same benefits to their customers.

The Coastr platform allows users to build status through their dining activity, and use that status for experiential perks like exclusive access, peak time reservations, and VIP treatment. 

Similar to flying with a companion, Coastr users can extend their status to their network, pushing reservations to favourite venues on behalf of friends – passing priority benefits to those friends, while prequalifying customers for a venue and allowing a venue to understand who is truly driving business.


Venues have an ability to view not only customer status, but also that of the customer’s social graph, allowing a venue to prequalify customers and dynamically manage limited seating capacity.


Coastr’s platform takes existing processes, and leverages technology to engage customers whilst automatically tracking customer analytics and communicating customer information across the staff base. 

Coastr’s analytics and customer recognition is driven by low energy bluetooth beacons. These devices are more accurate than straight geolocation, ensuring Coastr works in indoor and congested urban environments.  The moment a customer arrives, their phone recognizes the Coastr beacon, and triggers a notification to venue hosts or management. Venues can now individualize the customer experience, personally greeting a customer by name, knowing preferences and analytics.

Coastr’s Feedback Loop enables venues to solicit feedback from their actual customers as customers leave. Any criticism can be immediately addressed in a private forum, ensuring that customers leave with a positive experience. This also ensures that restaurant scores within Coastr come from actual customers. 

Through the Coastr app, customers can send personalized reservation requests, allowing a venue to assess the individual profile, look at availability, and approve/deny or communicate directly back to the customer. Why let a 3rd party platform manage limited seating capacity during peak times? You know you’ll be busy – how do you ensure it’s with the “right” clientele? Take control of your room back by communicating directly to your customers.

Coastr not only allows friends to connect, discover nearby trending venues, socialize through feeds, share content, and instant message with eachother to make plans, but the reservation request and feedback loops allow venues to directly engage their customer base like never before. Encourage customers to come visit, ensure your top clients always have a seat, and solicit feedback after a customer leaves to pre-empt any negative comments from hitting a public forum.


Coastr was designed to solve pain points created by companies like OpenTable, Yelp! and GroupOn, and as such, has seen strong early interest.

Where We Are

Coastr’s closed beta launched earlier this year, signing 20 venues up to the platform. We’ve seen each venue bring as many as 500 of their customers to the platform in an effort to better engage their community.


Where We’re Going

Within the next 6 months, we will be installed in 150 venues, have launched our Android version, and integrated prepurchases, rewards, and payments.

We want to change the way you enjoy eating out, and we’d love for you to be a part of that! For more information about the future of Coastr and how you could be a part of it, please request access to the Business Plan page of this profile.


Brady Fletcher – Co-Founder & CEO
A Computer Engineer turned Investment Banker, Brady has 10 years of experience as an investment banker with Canada’s leading independent investment bank. He primarily focused on technology issuers and successfully executed over $500 million in growth equity financings, secondary transactions, and sell advisory mandates.

Robbie Trudeau – Co-Founder & CTO
Robbie was trained as a UI/UX by Facebook and has been involved with a number of successful startups in payment processing and social space. A Former CTO of Vacaii Communities Inc and the founder of Vult Technologies Inc, Robbie now works in full-stack software development.

Konstantin Lichtenwald – CFO
A Former E&Y Accountant, Konstantin now provides contract CFO work through Bridgemark Financial, including extensive work with Canadian Tax Credit programs.


Jamie Brown
The former head of Canaccord Genuity, USA and the former Managing Partner at Difference Capital, Jamie currently is one the Board of Directors at Powerex and BC Hydro.

Chris Rath
Chris is a loyalty program expert with more than 20 years of experience in marketing and product lead in financial services, insurance, credit cards, banking, and retail sectors.

Andrew Reid
Andrew is the President and Founder of Vision Critical Technologies.

Ted Wilkie
Ted is the GM of the Parlour Restaurants.

Sean Languedoc
Sean is a business development expert and the former CEO of Strutta Media and the former CEO of Ad2Media.

Jim Fletcher
Jim is the Chairman of both Vision Critical and Recombo as well as numerous other boards.

Contact Information:

Brady Fletcher
Robbie Trudeau
Konstantin Lichtenwald

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