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Jul 21, 2015 8:01 AM ET

Skylar Energy Systems: an energy system that collects solar energy

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 21, 2015

Skylar Energy Systems

Skylar Energy Systems Logo


Skylar Energy Systems will manufacturing an energy system that collects solar energy. We need to solve our energy problems for the greater benefit of our shared planet.

This investment is about “green” technology and recycled materials that pays environmental benefits. Skylar Energy Systems is committed to manufacture our units in the USA so that the jobs stay in this country. Please seriously consider this investment.

Our energy system makes it possible to be “grid independent” and save money on electricity bills. As you may know the utility companies want you to be forever tied to their “cash cow” meter. This is of course self-serving and comes at a high environmental cost.

Our system is on the cutting edge of innovation that can be applied to the construction of homes regardless of climate. In fact, the hotter the climate the more effectively this system works. Why? The answer is simple – energy is concurrently saved as useable thermal energy at the temperate extremes. And the energy comes from the Sun.

The Skylar Energy System consists of (1) an enclosure cabinet measuring 6 foot x 10 foot x 7 foot tall; (2) a steel mast that penetrates the roof and has photovoltaic solar panels and flat plate hot water collector panels; (3) a computer-controlled AC power inverter for 110/220 volt usage; (4) a rechargeable deep cycle battery bank; (5) a heat pump (like a refrigerator) to chill water; (6) a bio-diesel back-up generator; (7) two 600 gallon insulated water tanks and (8) a top-mounted HVAC fan unit for refrigerated air cooling and hot water heating.

Because this is the built-in HVAC unit the costs can be included in the mortgage and paid for accordingly with the mortgage tax advantages and solar credits.

Investment: 2X at 18 months or 3X at 36 months – 50% equity for $300K investment which will be secured by the Albuquerque, NM manufacturing facility real property, equipment, and inventory.

Thanks for your investment interest – John T. Keliiaa


Products / Services

Residential Energy System

This system is based on an integrated system that provides electricity and hot and cold water that is used for domestic use, radiant floor heating (and cooling); and for the forced-air heating and cooling fan unit. Unlike conventional HVAC (heat, vent, & air condition) systems that burn fossil fuels or uses heat generated from electricity our system uses the energy that is stored in two 600 gallon insulated plastic (thermal) tanks. One tank is for 130 degree hot water and the other for chilled water to 40 degrees. This stored volume of water is the source for warm water for radiant floor heating and domestic hot water for use at the kitchen sink, tubs, and showers. Conversely, the chilled water is used to produce refrigerated air for cooling and to circulate through the tubes normally used for radiant floor heating. Now, instead of introducing heat into a living space, the floor acts as a heat absorber that transfers the heat (energy) back to the chilled water tank.

Contact Information:

John T. Keliiaa
[email protected]

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