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Jul 21, 2015 4:54 PM ET

Archived: PeakEmployee: Reduces costly turnover and creates high morale by making employees’ voices heard

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 21, 2015






PeakEmployee increases employee retention and drives informed organizational change by taking the pulse of the workforce with a fast, 30-second check-in, then using predictive analytics to create actionable intelligence. PeakEmployee reduces costly turnover and creates high morale by making employees’ voices heard.

PeakEmployee Intro Video from Phil Greenwood on Vimeo.

But managing a culture of positivity is increasingly difficult: it requires managing across diverse generations, and with outdated tools like the humble survey.

The survey is often deployed, and seldom bears fruit. Employees no longer take it seriously, so rarely provide good data. There’s a significant delay between the deployment of the survey and data capture, and when the data is received, companies often have trouble interpreting it, let alone extracting any actionable intel from it.

For most companies, this creates a spiraling culture of low morale, a costly problem.

PeakEmployee finally reverses that trend, creating an atmosphere of positivity in which employees feel heard and supported, leading to greater cohesiveness, greater productivity, and most importantly, incredible rates of employee retention.

PeakEmployee allows employees to provide specific, actionable feedback through a fast and easy 30-second check-in, executed via patent-pending pulse survey technology.

Using the gathered data, HR and executive management can now understand the pulse of their workforce, proactively identifying areas of opportunity for retention improvement.

PeakEmployee is tailored to the company it serves. Pulses are sent every 30 days by default, but the frequency can be customized.


increases retention dramatically

increases in-house promotion

corrects low morale

mitigates turnover rate

increases overall workforce intelligence

creates a single, cohesive unit of your workforce

increases productivity

PeakEmployees’ unique features combine to create the intelligent, easy-to-use platform that’s expected of a leading technology company in 2015. Our service works on-demand, provides unparalleled transparency and insight, and makes it all measurable and actionable.

Our innovative predictive analytics analyzes the data gathered, then translates it into statistically relevant HR reports and action recommendations. PeakEmployee is cloud-based, so it can be up and running in just days—not months—and doesn’t require IT integration.

It’s fast, it’s easy, and it’s intelligent. We do the work, you reap the benefits.

PeakEmployee is now a complete and working product. We onboarded our first paying beta client just this May, and our nine outstanding proposals total $500,000 in recurring revenue.

In the next 60 days, we expect to close deals with several companies, and we’ve already acquired a partner that will provide an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to any company that wants to integrate employee assistance metrics.

Phil is the former online customer acquisition manager for Bing Ads, a division of Microsoft Advertising, and a former Global Group Manager for Microsoft. A technology-focused serial entrepreneur, Phil has vast experience founding and growing technology-based startups, including Agilis Technologies, Inc. and Loudlaunch.com.

Rachael has played key roles in designing and coding large-scale, high-profile mission critical systems for Microsoft, Boeing, and Nordstrom. Her expertise lies in utilizing emerging technologies to solve real-world problems.

John has extensive experience implementing processes and managing highly productive creative teams, whether at Microsoft or for Disney or an internet startup. He has a proven track record of delivering successful products on new and emerging platforms.

Recently recognized as Young Entrepreneur of the Year and Small Business of the Year by his peers, Lino has experience in aligning powerful technological solutions with business development initiatives in the healthcare and education industries.

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