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Jul 21, 2015 2:49 PM ET

Archived: Metamorphose: For New Sci-Fi & Fantasy Writers

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 21, 2015




Metamorphose was founded with the particular goal of helping new, unpublished authors find a place for their brilliant writing. Many of them have a hard time finding a place to publish their work. We offer them a home… a place to get started.

The Title

The title of the e-magazine seemed an obvious choice. As authors struggle to emerge on the writing scene, this e-magazine seeks to help them take a step toward that transformation. The entire process for the author and for the magazine is all about metamorphosis, and so Metamorphose was chosen.

Together, we will emerge.

Our Mission

Here at Metamorphose, we want nothing more than to offer a credible source for writers seeking to break into science fiction and fantasy publishing. Our mission is to help that happen. After all, we are all about metamorphosis.

Now that our kickoff issue contest is closed, regular submissions are open. We plan to publish 4 to 8 short stories between the two genres each month. Each year in August, the editors and the readers will determine the top 10-20 stories to publish in our yearly print anthology (starting 2016). That’s between 20-40% of the stories we publish online! What’s better than that? Earning royalties on the sales of the journal. That’s right. We offer royalties to the authors who get published in our print journal.

To help give our writers all we can, the next few years will see us unveiling a number of additional services to writers including: local and online writing circles, partnerships with professional publishing services and publishers, educational partnerships, and more. We are about more than just getting your words in print. We want to help writers reach their fullest potential.

Even if you cannot support us with money, your can help by participating in our online community and help it grow.

Our Staff

Metamorphose is currently run by staff with the education or experience that qualifies them for such a prestigious position. All staff work on a volunteer basis. Metamorphose would rather find a way to pay the authors before concerning ourselves with the staff. You have the power to help us change that with your donations.

Contact Information:

T Davies

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