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Jul 21, 2015 11:14 AM ET

Archived: Handum – Sustainable Apartments: establish and build a new benchmark for green, sustainable, and eco-friendly apartments

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 21, 2015

Handum – Sustainable Apartments

The story of the project

Our project is to establish and build a new benchmark for green, sustainable, and eco-friendly apartments in an area that is struggling with inadequate and poorly designed buildings. In Boracay where we raised our family and worked for many years, the accommodation and building culture is unhealthy, with little thought put into building design and usability and as a result the local area suffers from excess pollution, illness and resource hungry structures.

This campaign is to raise some extra money so we can put in the foundations and start construction. We’ve invested $30,000 into the project for planning and designs already, and are very excited to get some local workers on-site and working on something new.

We ask that you donate to help us demonstrate the benefits of sustainable living, and serve as a model for future buildings on Boracay.

For more information about the buildings, please visit our website at handum.co

How the funds will be used

We have already invested over $30,000 AUD into the project for planning, designs, and permits and are now trying to start construction. The immediate list of works that needs to be completed includes (in no specific order):

– Construct and install underground septic tank ($4,500)
– Foundation works ($22,000)
– Construct and install underground water tanks ($12,000)
– Laying of the concrete slab ($8,800)
– Terracing of the property ($4,500)

Works that have been completed already include:

– Clearing of the land
– Land surveys
– Architects drawing and design
– Soil testing
– Building permit currently being processed

Some of my other work

I established and operated the Boracay International School for many years when living in the Philippines and have a very unique perspective and opportunity for the local area. I have worked in the e-waste, technology and education industry running a regional Australian non-profit organisation since 2007 and I have a Diploma of Sustainability. All of these things are driving this project out of my passion for sustainability, eco-friendly design and resource aware solutions.


We have allowed for some flexibility in the cost of each stage of development, and to allow shipping of the bracelet rewards. Please understand that this project is quite significant; cost and time frames are accurate estimates but may change.

If costs prove to be more expensive than anticipated, we are continuing to raise and invest into the project independently. We will continue to work on and develop these apartments even if this campaign does not succeed. We are simply asking for a show of support, to prove sustainable design can work and to fast track progress.

Timely delivery of the bracelets should occur regardless of other restrictions. If there are delays to construction of apartments or particular stages of the project, it may impact delivery of the accommodation rewards. If this occurs we will endeavor to contact those reward recipients as early as possible to notify of an alternative timeline.

Thank you!

Contact Information:

Bernard Francis

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