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Jul 21, 2015 11:51 AM ET

Archived: Getting-in – to give school leavers all the resources they need under one website: Now we are ready to start our sales and marketing across the UK

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 21, 2015




Getting-in need your support now we are ready to start our sales and marketing across the UK.

Getting-in.com started with one simple goal: to give school leavers all the resources they need under one website. The website is designed to help individuals discover the ideal apprenticeship, university course, or more vocational opportunity for their particular needs. In order to do this, the website lists every undergraduate course currently offered, as well as 20,000 apprenticeship and traineeships. We need your support today as the site is ready to be marketed and monetised. We will do this with an expert sales and marketing team focusing on signing up organisations and schools across the UK, potentially giving us the traffic and the revenue we need to keep growing the business.


    Products & Services

    • Apprenticeship and traineeship providers for non-university students
    • Universities/Institutions of Higher Education
    •Work placement and Internship providers
    • Brand and digital advertisers
    Getting-in is free at the point of use for student users and schools.
    The business’s aim is to provide a comprehensive resource for these groups, and for this they are never charged a fee. Revenue is generated from the providers, who use the website to advertise their apprenticeship, traineeship and course opportunities to school leavers. With the sites traffic of 14-24 year olds, our demographic is perfect and very valuable. With the school sign ups and organisation sign ups the site will grow.

    Problem Solved

    We have done a huge amount of market research and have scrutinised the services offered by our competitors in substantial detail. We know how they operate, who their client base is, and the type of advertisers they attract. This has allowed us to tailor our service so that we offer a unique product, which is a step ahead of the competition. Further to this, we are the only website to combine all school leaver options on one site, giving us a huge resource. There are a total of 3,170,603 companies on the register, most of which will be looking to advertise to school leavers. Our site is a one stop shop for school leavers and advertisers looking to engage with our tough to reach demographic.

    Revenue Model

    With the SEIS funded investment, our primary area of expansion would be in manpower.This is what we need to take the business forward,utilising the extra staff to engage with schools and organisations across the UK,making sure they use and integrate with Getting-in first.Once a school is using the site,we are hoping to receive hundreds of visitors and users monthly.We aim to attract the students before they even have a chance to consider a competitor’s site.This could put us in an immensely strong position for the foreseeable future.Our team will consist of a sales manager from our industry,telemarketers,an admin support team member and the MD to drive in the monthly signups nationally.

    Exit Strategy

    With our SEIS funded investment Getting-in will aim to provide an outstanding service to its users and a secure business for its future investors -see our financial projection. With websites in our industry it’s not uncommon to get very large multiples or merge with other companies and these are all things to consider in years 3-5. Once we have rolled the site out, we are hoping to be very attractive to a number of outside bodies and organisations.
    Getting-in will aim to return surplus cash by way of dividends with the anticipation of a trade sal in years 3-5.
    In contrast to our competition, Getting-in is the only site of its kind to combine all options for school leavers on one site.





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