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Jul 21, 2015 9:55 EST

Fresh Food Paradise Corp – Healthy meals: Freshly cut, washed, peeled vegetables with herbs, spices and proteins packeded together, delivered to the door or our stores

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 21, 2015

Fresh Food Paradise Corp – Healthy meals

Fresh Food Paradise Corp



It´s time for a fresh breeze in the food market

So-called Delivered Do-It-Yourself Meal Kits are currently the new trend. The concept behind it is very simple and therefore very easy to copy. Potential customers see virtually no difference between these providers at all. „Blue Apron” and „Hello Fresh”, two major players offer virtually identical products to their customers, while ultimately being mere imitations of the original business idea which came from Sweden. Smaller companies follow the same concept, but deliver only locally. Nevertheless, this concept is still being copied and other vendors are pushing into this market and are trying to take advantage of this trend.

The Fresh Food Paradise Corporation was established to offer a new alternative to these custmers. Our approach differs completely from anything else in the market.

We intend to be the only company on the market, specialized in completely prepared vegan meals that are sold immediately after preparation either through shops or are sent directly to the consumer. By fully prepared we mean that all ingredients are washed, trimmed, cut to size, portioned and delivered. All that is needed now is a stove, a pan and a pot; not even a knife will be required. Our products are ready-made meals that contain everything that is needed, but are NOT pre-cooked or frozen. The vegetables are portioned and packed into a protective environment, together with all the other required ingredients.

We will be the only company that offers freshly prepared dishes for single-person households. With Blue Apron or Hello Fresh you must order certain minimum quantities (eg. 3 meals for 2 = 6 meals) – not really versitile for singles, considering that you must know how to cook and that you need much more time to prepared and much more differents.

The preparation of our products is as simple and as fast as conventional ready-made meals. Our meals contain only fresh and healthy ingredients and taste exactly like it was prepared from scratch by the customers themselves.

Ideally, less than 24 hours lie between preparing the meal by us and final preparation by our customers. In order to be able to ensure this, we will need to build manufacturing sites throughout the United States which can cater to a 200 to 250 miles radius.

We intend to ship and sell six days per week and we will ensure that our own shops have at least 30 different meals and recipes to choose from. We will continuously expand this selection.

As mentioned, we intend to set up our own shops in all major cities, where fresh produce from our production sites can be purchased by anyone walking into our stores. This is unique and has not been available on the market until now. We will offer a large variety of a healthy and freshly produced goods through our stores, and open a completely new healthy food market. A world premiere, which could change the entire market.

That is our short business concept; watch the video to see the concept in 3 minutes, and will see why we need a lot of capital before we can deliver the first meal.

The market is waiting for our idea

Blue Apron amd Hello Fresh is is growing rapidly, in autumn 2014, Blue Apron delivered 1 million meals per month, currently they are already at 3 million per month.

Our concept allows the customer to be much more flexible in tgerms of ordering, and the goods are always fresh. Additionally, our recipes are chosen strictly according to health regulations.

Compare for yourself

The best way to demonstrate the difference between our competitors’ products and our business idea is in form of a table. We also have number of other ideas that are not mentioned in the table but which should set us even further apart from any competition.


Benefits for customers and investors

If the business concept is just “to unprocessed food purchases to these packed individually and put together according to recipes to send in a box”, then there are only a few ways to cut costs. Among other things, sincevegetable not standardized growing and packing of each ingredient costs material and time, no matter how many packages I per day producing.

With our concept – we have a lot of ways to cut costs and make our products cheaper without lost quality. The more customers we have the cheaper we can produce and the cheaper the products more so people will buy them.

Another point is, in the United States and all around the world in all industrialized nations live from year to year more singles and people who can not cook. More and more people have problems with their weight and need to know eat healthier but do not like. The success of Blue Apron shows the market is crying out for a product as we offer it, and so far there is no one solution has to reach all, so families, singles and people who can not cook but try to live healthy.


Preparing and cooking fresh vegetables everyday means a lot of work and a lot of time; suitable for singles!

Our example shows how expensive and complex the simple preparation of a single and healthy vegetarian meal really is. On the one hand, time has to be invested to purchase the fresh vegetables since these cannot be stored for long periods of time, without losing their nutritional value and going bad. Additionally, one is often forced to purchase more than one really needs for a single meal. Even small amounts of produce such as sweet potatoes, broccoli, pumpkins, or even bell peppers (which are often combined in a meal), Will always leave an excess and therefore trash. The same applies to spices or any side dishes. Not only does one have to be able to to clean, peel, and cut the vegetables – one must also know how to cook! The following images illustrate how complicated cooking with fresh produce currently is, and how easy it will be with us in future

Visit our website = http://www.fresh-food-paradise.com/today-and-the-future.html

About our business idea

The Fresh Fruit Paradise cooperation was founded because the owner and founder, Mr. Manfred F. Schreyer, expects a very high probability of successfully introducing this selection of products into the US market. A successful launch of this completely new form of “ready to cook meals” should ensure a very high growth in business. In order to become a major player in this vast market, it is necessary to invest large amounts of capital into building the business. The food market in the United States is a huge market with a volume of $ 1,200 billion. Specifically the market for healthy food is growing very rapidly and will continue to grow in the future.

A new producer like the Fresh Food Paradise Corporation, with a completely new concept and new products which fit into this “healthy eating” market will inevitably attract the attention of existing producers. In order to prevent any possible copycats from imitating us or our business concept, we need enough seed funding to be able to expand rapidly and focus on further product development.

Rough estimates show that capital between $30 or $40 million is required for setting up production and marketing, until the first sizable revenue flow through product sales can be expected. Additionally the company has to work on its IPO right from the start in order to generate more capital through stock market launch. It is expected to generate up to $1 billion through the IPO and, by this, generate enough financial means to expand the business throughout the entire USA and also to start up the international part of our business. To achieve this, 40 million shares priced at $25 per share are planned.

The following remarks show an interesting market with many opportunities. If we are able to win customers and consumers for our products, then a huge growth of the business is expected. The following figures were derived and generated to the best of our abilities. That said, the planned sales figures are indeed a pure prognosis, which still has to be reached.

The biggest advantage is the fact that we offer completely new and healthy ready meals, which, to the best of our knowledge, do currently not exist in this form and which are sure to change the eating habits of our customers. This great advantage could also be the biggest disadvantage, since we do not know if the consumers will accept our products and help us jump from a niche market into a mass-market. We are absolutely convinced that this is possible and would like to use this business plan to demonstrate that this idea can succeed.

We have been dealing with healthy food for over 30 years. In order for you, the investor, to be able to read about this market, and to show why this concept is so interesting, in our businessplan is an elaborate and interesting write-up of the topic of health and nutrition in developed countries.


Contact Information:

Manfred F Schreyer
Boris Bischof

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