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Jul 21, 2015 4:19 PM ET

Archived: EN-VOYAGE Conference: to organize a conference on trending issues, combating the issues, investment opportunities for the investors in green technology

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 21, 2015

EN-VOYAGE Congerence



Short SummaryHello, I am Rik Bhattacharjee, I am an MBA in International Business and presently working at Gregory Patrick Worldwide, Houston, Texas. I did my Bachelors in Environmental Science (one of the University toppers) and attended many seminars and conference of International importance on social and environmental causes and I have found that conferences are result driven. I am looking forward for your participation in the campaign of “EN-VOYAGE” caring for environment. I am looking to organize a conference on trending issues, combating the issues, investment opportunities for the investors in green technology etc related to social development in a sustainable way and for environmental protection.The contributors will be help to achieve the highest level for the care and protection of the environment for the next generations.What We Need & What You Get
The total project funding is USD 5000 that covers magazine publication cost and distributed at free of cost. During the 3rd quarter of this year, there will be a conference in which all the student participants will be reimbursed in terms of travelling and meals. I am a positive thinking person and I believe that goal will be reached and if does not reach, the accordingly the campaign will be abridged.The Impact
Awareness campaign is necessary since we humans react in a bottom to top approach. To do something for the nature and environment security, the bottom line has to be tapped. In most of the cases, this essential part is missed and also the new investors in green technology gets a forum to exhibit their idea for an wider public interest.I have experience in regards to these types of event. I had participated and am associated with Young Ecologists Talk and Interact (a student forum for the environment and ecology by Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru) held at Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati and Wild Life Institute of India, Dehradun. I am also a successful event organizer from my college, Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management, Gwalior, in college events like World Tourism Day. (Indian Institutes are Government of India institutes).Risks & Challenges
The magazine campaign does not have much hurdles but yes, the content and price quotation for printing at lowest price is a crucial point. The quotation challenge will be solved through B2B basis like contracted rates, competitive rates policy. The content is another important part. Since it is the primary parameter for a campaign like this, which will be considered as one of the performance criteria. The articles will be taken and scrutinized before publishing.The conference is the most landmark event of the campaign. The selection for the site is important and that is done keeping in mind several issues like connectivity, feasibility of travelling, safety and security, natural and environmental beauty. Maintenance of reports, inventory is important and requires dedication. Being experienced in data handling and working in similar position, it is a piece of cake.
EN-VOYAGE is being independently organized by Rik Bhattacharjee.

Contact Information:

Rik Bhattacharjee

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