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Archived: Corin Raymond – Hobo Jungle Fever Dreams: Songs that are very Canadian, slightly apocalyptic, and suggest criminal activity

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Corin Raymond – Hobo Jungle Fever Dreams

Tom Waits talks about his recordings being “ear movies,” and that’s what I’m aiming for with this project. As with my previous records, Hobo Jungle Fever Dreams has a warm and wooden heart, but with this one we’re building a painstakingly-created, sonically-textured experience like nothing I’ve ever done. Wait’ll you hear “Hard on Things” – it’s like a title win by knockout before the first bell. Oh man. Just you wait.

We’re in the middle of it right now, we’re down the rabbit hole. I’m like Alice except I drank the bottle that said “Record Me.” Or maybe I’m living out a little W.P. Kinsella – I heard a voice that said, “If you record it, they will come.” Well, I’m doing it. I hope I wasn’t just hearing things. I’m raising the conch! I’m calling on Hobo Jungle Fever Dreamers everywhere! We’ve recorded the bones of the album and we’ll be working on it through the summer, and into the fall. Access Passers will be receive the digital download of the album itself on November 22nd, months before the public release of the record, and I’ve got behind-the-scenes footage, rough mixes, ancedotes, album artwork, and stories to share along the way. Hobo Jungle Fever Dreams is a title I can live up to, friends. Trust me. It’ll be my fourth album and I ain’t disappointed anyone yet.

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