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Archived: Bright GrillTM Launches Kickstarter Campaign for “Smart Grill” WiFi and Bluetooth-Enabled; Can be Run by Smartphones and Smartwatches; Indoor/Outdoor

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Bright GrillTM Launches Kickstarter Campaign for “Smart Grill”

WiFi and Bluetooth-Enabled; Can be Run by Smartphones and Smartwatches; Indoor/Outdoor

MIAMI, Fla. – DATE – Bright GrillTM, an electric grill that can be operated by an app on smart devices and watches, announced today that it has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for commercial production.  Described as “The People’s Smart Grill” by Gizmag, Bright Grill connects wirelessly through Bluetooth or WiFi to the user’s iPhone, iPad, Pebble Watch or Android phone or tablet.   The app enables the user to set temperatures and cooking times, even if the grill is not close by.


“We all love grilled food and we all love Smart technology, right?” said Robert Mora, Founder and CEO of Bright Grill. “Our insight was that a smart grilling product could help tech-friendly people become amazing cooks by taking advantage of technology.”


The Bright Grill companion app lets the user turn the grill on or off as well as set temperature and length of cooking time.  This could be useful, for example, if the user is not home but wants to have someone else, such as a child or spouse, put meat on the grill while the user turns it on and sets it to cook remotely. The company is offering what it calls CrowdGrillingTM, where users can browse the app for new grill foods and recipes.  Users can also share recipes, with automated cooking instructions embedded, over the app.  Bright Grill has automatic notifications.  That way, for example, if the user puts steaks on the grill and then goes out to a swimming pool, the Bright Grill can advise him or her through a smart watch or phone that the food is ready to be flipped, or done and being kept warm.


The Bright Grill weighs less than 20 lbs. (10 kg.) and is made for both indoor and outdoor use, such as on a balcony.  It is electric, able to plug into any suitable power source including standard electrical outlets, 1500W generator/inverters and solar powered batteries. With clean, electric heat, there are no flammable gasses, burning of fossil fuels or smoke. The Bright Grill has a lower carbon footprint than a traditional barbecue.  It has a large, easy-to-clean, nonstick grilling surface of more than 200 square inches.  For users who are health conscious, Bright Grill drains away 40% of a meat’s fat.


The company’s co-founders have extensive experience in software and mobile application development as well as in consumer product manufacturing, logistics, and marketing. The product has already been designed, components sourced and the app architected.  The team has identified hardware factory partners, logistics partners, and vetted software application programming teams at work.  The use of funds from Kickstarter will be used to set up commercial production and commence marketing.


For more information, visit https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1265257571/wireless-bright-grill-for-pebble-watch-iphone-and?ref=nav_search

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