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Jul 20, 2015 12:41 PM ET

Archived: Partícula: Electronic Multimedia Fest + Live Movie Shooting . UNITED WE ARE PARTY! YOU, ARE, IN

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 20, 2015


About the Project

What’s Partícula?

We create a new multimedia event format working on the proposal we develop during last year on the Club Cultural Matienzo. This project consists on making a party on a Film Studio.

We will shoot in one night a movie, within an electronic party with audiovisual interventions.

+info here www.shockec.com.ar/particula

How do YOU get involve?

Participants and guests will buy early bird tickets and will have the key to participate as crowd/actors and total access to:

  • General acces to the party.
  • Film Studio Set.
  • Each participant will sign an image assignment agreement.
  • Costumes and makeup.
  • Access to the Catering Area.
  • Entertainment Area.
  • Appearances in the Movie.
  • Ticket for Avant Premiere.

This way, you will enjoy an Electro Shocke-C Party at the same time a movie is happening around you.

Who’s playing?

What’s the challenge?

Five Directors will have the challenge of achieving a 10 minutes sequence in 1 hour. Directors will have the main actor, the escenography,the secondary actors, extras and a crew ready to film pre-scripted scenes.The goal is to finish the night having 50 minutes of fictionalized material that together with the epic moments of the party will make PARTICULA film. The movie will be released and screened in the Club Cultural Matienzo Auditorium, UN3TV, other cultural clubs, cinemas and discos.

The directors are:


What’s the movie about?

Fernandito, a kid that doesnt know the world of electronic partys, after a coincidential persecution gets lost in an unknown neighborhood, this leads him to enter a warehouse where an Electro Shocke-C Party is happening.

From naivety and bewilderment, he will begin to experience the audivisual art installations, to develop relationships, to enjoy musical, to dance, to get lost, to fall in love, to forget all his past and to live a unique night this chain of events will transform Fernandito to be the hero of the party.

When the party seems to end, he is invited to the ‘after party’…

Where he realises that he was part of an unexpected plan.

What is ElectroShockeC?

Electroshocke- C is a multimedial festival developed by independent artists of the electronic alternative scene of Buenos Aires, created by the merge of three parties: The New Shit, Roomers Night, Circo Electrico. The festival offers different types of formats and huge variety of electronic music styles, unifying space with videodance, interactive installations, movies-documentarys, photography productions, fashion, videogames, video mappings and all kind of performances.

+ info here http://shockec.com.ar

Radio Shocke C @ Radio Colmenahttp://www.radiocolmena.com.ar/radioshockec/

Follow us!

facebook .- http://www.facebook.com/electroshockec
twitter .- http://twitter.com/electroshockec
instagram .- http://instagram.com/electroshockec
youutube .-http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXtY_3ud9OKBKaDUyv6UQ4w
mixcloud .- http://www.mixcloud.com/ElectroShockeC/

Contact: electroshockec@gmail.com.ar


Contact Information:


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