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Jul 20, 2015 1:54 PM ET

Archived: Global Cooperative Forum: brings the website or service to you to be managed inside of virtual containers called forums

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 20, 2015

Global Cooperative Forum

The Idea

Unlike traditional search engines that send you to another website or service to manage your service or request. GCF does the opposite and brings the website or service to you to be managed inside of virtual containers called forums.

Now using basic chat messaging tools you can communicate with one or more services simultaneously anywhere in the world or at the same time, to help you self-organize and manage your request.

Watch in the above video how easy it is to create a request for a Diabetes and Eczema sufferer and how easy it is to resolve.

The Opportunity

1) People, businesses and services can now serve one another at an unlimited scale or resolution. I.e. both vertically (all services) and horizontally (all requests).

2) Problems or requests that could not scale prior to GCF such as deadly diseases, war, poverty and crime, can now scale to include the entire human community or all services and requests in the system simultaneously.

Why GCF?

GCF can revolutionize how people do business on the internet individually and collectively. We no longer have to feel alone and isolated or disconnected from the rest of the human community.  With GCF we can presume Heart relationship with one another and get on with the business of serving one another.

The goal is to have GCF up and running and self-sustaininable within the first 3 months, i.e. creating it’s own requests for services such as a database engineer, web developers, graphic designers etc.  To achieve this goal GCF has to make sure that those services exist in the system.

With the communities help we hope to reach this goal by ensuring that we build a strong scalable network infrastructure to cater for the high demand growth that we require in order to become sustainable.  By building a strong ethos and community of users we hope that time will be on our side and that eventually those services will join the system.

Thank you!

Contact Information:

Rob Kara

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