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Jul 19, 2015 1:18 PM ET

Support our making of the Sport climbing center “Adrenalin”

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 19, 2015

Support our making of the Sport climbing center “Adrenalin”



History of the club Adrenalin:

 Climbing club Adrenalin is founded back in 1997. because some of the students from Faculty of sport and physical science had been in love with nature, healthy life and most of all adrenaline sports.
 This club was the one of the first three made in Serbia, but the real activity of the team Adrenalin starts in 2000. when we introduced the city with first assembly structure for free climbing in Novi Sad. In summer 2001. we set up another structure for free climbing, it was on the Novi Sad’s public beach “Štrand“.  
 In the past 15 years, we have organized more than 160 different competitions and events, sometimes with only 30 and sometimes with more than a 120 participants in the climbing gym that is 1722 square foot big, with a bouldering wall that is only 12 foot high and 72 foot long.  

 We are forced to move out of the climbing gym that was our home for last 15 years and to strip everything down.

The idea is born:
 After 3 months of searching we have found new place for our club. Now we need to build everything from the start.  
We started our new and biggest project so far in  09th march 2015. and we will try to finish it up by September 1st. 2015.             
There is going to be a climbing wall that is 36 foot high and 78 foot wide for lead climbing and bouldering area that is about 860 square foot. This project is not only important to us and our team, this will be the only commercial climbing gym in Serbia that is able to be used throughout the whole year.
This is the first time in all these years that we now own the space that can be used every day, all day long.  Climbing gym Adrenaline is the first and the only “pet friendly” gym in Serbia.   Our idea is demonstrated through photographs that you can see here.    We have done all that we can, now everything is up on you. 

The Team

Nenad Matic, CEO,  sport climbing instructor,  MSc  sport and exercise science
Aleksandar Sajatovic, sport climbing instructor, IT programer
Aleksandar Djuranovic, sport climbing instructor, student, Faculty of Economics and Administration
Bojan Sajatovic , sport climbing instructor, , Faculty of Technical Sciences, Department of Chemistry , MSc in environmental protection
Danijel Milojkovic, sport climbing instructor, metalworker
Miroslav Ninkov, sport climbing instructor, Physiatrist
Vladimir Tepavac, sport climbing instructor, fitness instructor, 

Contact Information:

Vladimir Tepavac
Bojan Sajatovic
Miroslav Ninkov

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