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Jul 19, 2015 2:42 PM ET

Archived: School For Girls – Our First Album: We’re making an album! We’ve already gotten started, and we want to share what we’re working on with you

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 19, 2015

School For Girls – Our First Album

We’re School For Girls, a Minneapolis band. We make guitar pop music with gigantic harmonies. Yes, we love Fleetwood Mac as much as you do. This is a safe place for all of us. We’re teachers, music educators, activists, comedians, actors, and improvisers.

Have you ever watched a commercial on TV, realized that the actors are playing people your age, and thought, “Huh. Those people really seem to have it together. Look at their beautiful home with its immaculate white kitchen cabinets. Did that guy really just put a bow on a car and give it to his wife for Christmas?”

We’ve thought those things too, because we’re teachers, music educators, activists, comedians, actors, and improvisers. And despite our paucity of expendable income, we’re going to do something expensive. We’re going to make a record. Why? Speaking for myself (I’m James, nice to meet you), I think we’ve got something special with this band. With my income, I may only be able to make one record in my life, so I’d like to do it properly, and I’d like to do it with Josh, Seniz, Hartke, and Nellis. We’ve recruited Adam Levy of legendary Twin Cities band The Honeydogs to consult and produce the record. Zach Hollander from The Pearl Recording Studio will be engineering and mixing. We won’t make money on this project, so I really need your help to make this happen.

By pre-ordering the album you will automatically get a digital copy on the day of release, but you will also get access to all of our behind-the-scenes hijinks while we make the album including videos and photos. You can hear sneak peeks of songs, watch us re-write and record, and you’ll have full access to conversations about whether the drum part on “Back In the USSR” is Paul or Ringo. You don’t want to miss that.

You can also get all kinds of things like t-shirts, hand-written lyric sheets, music lessons and MORE which will be added throughout the pre-order.


James, Josh, Seniz, Justin and Justin

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School For Girls

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