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Jul 18, 2015 2:27 PM ET

Archived: The Fairy Princess: A young girl discovers she is a Fairy Princess

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 18, 2015

The Fairy Princess


A friend of mine once asked me the intent behind “The Fairy Princess.” I knew what it was internally, but putting it into words is the real trick isn’t it? Well when I first began penning my tale, it was a twist on a coming of age epic. A young girl discovers that she is special and because of that it is up to her to rescue her Godmother.  Yet as I continued developing my heartfelt story, an important point began to resurface repeatedly. 

It was the persistent truth that we girls need to own the power within us at a young age or we’ll lose it.  Sometimes we let people or our own low self-esteem convince us that we don’t have any power.  But that isn’t true; we have far more power than we realize. The main character, Trinette, used her power without even knowing who she really was.  But once she realizes that she has it… it grows. And with the help of her new friends, she is able to do great things that just days before she didn’t believe were even possible.

So, what is my intent dear friend? To be the little voice speaking inside every little girl whispering “yes you can,” against any darkness or doubt that would tell them otherwise.

Thus, with the question illuminatingly answered and a fresh passion burning in my heart, I dove headfirst into the creation of “The Fairy Princess.”

After many years enduring the labor of world building and writing both a first and second draft, I have finally arrived at the precipice of preparation and am ready to take flight into production. I am a first time novelist, having studied screenwriting at Columbia College Chicago, but I do have a genuine love for a good story well told. It was an interesting and enlightening process, going from writing pared down screenplays to writing a novel. This next critical step is me raising money to complete the book on an aesthetically professional level and then self publish it. 

I need an editor, one who can help with developmental as well as copyediting. My proofreading will be done by the dazzling wordsmith, Joshua Evans. My images will be done by my talented illustrator, Ronnie Robles.  Beyond the cover art, I want an image for each chapter and also a map of Fionntan- the land of the fairies and unicorns.  I need a cover designer to combine the artwork and the text.  After all of this is put together I need to have it formatted for print and digital release.

And what is the point of having a book if no one knows about it?  I will definitely need a marketing budget so this wonderful story can get out there and inspire girls – both young and old – into realizing their incredible potential.

No woman is an island. I need your help.

Together- we can change the world.

Contact Information:

Christy M Lavalais

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