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Jul 18, 2015 7:08 PM ET

Cassandra’s Castle TV Miniseries – Kickstarter

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 18, 2015

Xylon Productions LLC has just announced today that is it raising funds via a rewards crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to being production of Cassandra’s Castle.

The company is set out to raise $84,365 to film the pilot episode of this historical fantasy TV miniseries to pitch to distributers.

Talent from the Seattle area cast in Cassandra’s Castle include Karolyn ‘ZuZu’ Grimes from the 1949 production of It’s a Wonderful Life”, Simone Leorine, Sean Peck-Collier, Katie Rose, Hayden James and many more noteables.

Katie Rose and Hayden James in Cassandra's Castle  Sean Peck-Collier as Valerio in Cassandra's Castle

Cassandra’s Castle is a time travel tale of a girl who enters a portal to another realm and lands in the midst of a revolution. The story is adapted from the novel of the same name by Dianne Lynn Gardner, and is inspired by the life of Portugal’s last king, don Manuel II, who at the age of 18 witnessed the murder of his father and brother, became king, and two years later was exiled, never to return to his homeland.

“I have to confess. This story has a driving pulse to be told. It’s the child in me I’m sure, but when something so horrible happens to someone, my first wish  is to turn back time and write history over again – to have a happier ending.” – says author Dianne Lynn Gardner.

Cassandra’s Castle will be filmed in various locations in western Washington, including the yacht built in 1893, the El Primero.

A silent auction benefit will be held August 8 aboard the retired Kirkland ferry. Contact for more information.

Xylon Productions was set up in Port Orchard Washington in 2014 and is owned by Dianne Lynn Gardner and Victoria Adams.. It has enjoyed early traction with its award winning screenplay and is concentrating its efforts on producing Cassandra’s Castle.

Contact Information:

Dianne Lynn Gardner
Xylon Productions
253 851-0339
[email protected]

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