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Jul 17, 2015 4:30 PM ET

Regal Heart: An American Filly

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 17, 2015

Regal Heart: An American Filly


An Introduction


The last great thoroughbred book was published over a decade ago.  Isn’t it time for another?

With the recent triumph of American Pharoah in the Triple Crown, now is the perfect time to parlay the public’s excitement for thoroughbred racing into long-term growth.  One way to do so is through the various forms of media, including new books and movies about the Sport of Kings.

Regal Heart: An American Filly is a completed manuscript looking for supporters to help take things to the next level.  I am a life-long owner, breeder, and fan of the sport.  I wrote Regal from my heart, from my personal experiences in the game.  Regal is my passion project, planned from the beginning with the ultimate goal to help strengthen thoroughbred horse racing by attracting new life-long fans to the sport. 

The manuscript writing process took me several years to complete due to the complexity of the plot, my own personal demands for quality of writing, and unforeseen outside obstacles.  Additionally, because of the intricacies of independent publishing, I spent another six months familiarizing myself with the book business prior to deciding that the best way to move Regal forward was through public demand (crowdfunding).  Now with Pharoah’s success, this is the moment.

One thing that is important to me in this entire process is allowing others to be involved.  Typically, mainstream books are published in a closed system where fans and readers have no say in the outcome. I want to rewrite this process by allowing supporters to have a significant say in the story and the overall look of the book.  Consequently, those who preorder will vote and select the book cover from four possibilities, will decide the interior look from three options, and will vote on several plot elements that they would like to see fleshed out or remain subtle.

As it currently stands, horse racing rarely allows its fans such a democratic voice in shaping the future and growth of the sport.  From my experiences in the NTRA Ambassador Program, I know how racing fans want to step up and do something to help grow the game.  This is another reason why I am taking Regal “independent” rather than “traditional” in publishing.  I want to afford fans the ability to have a voice and an impact on the sport.  If Regal grows the game, it will be because of the fans.


Whom is this book for?

This book is more than just for those who are into horses, though it is likely they will love it.  To me, stories have a way of changing hearts and minds.  In a world of so much negativity, stories that make you stop and think, consider the road less traveled, are increasingly hard to find.  Regal Heart is more than just fun for entertainment’s sake; it is a reflection on life.  If this is the kind of book you would enjoy curling up with, then look no further.


How will this work?

Once all preorders are complete, a survey will be sent to all supporters allowing them to make their selections.  Based on those selections, the manuscript will change to a revised draft.  That draft will then go through three rounds of professional grade editing to produce a final draft that will then go to print.  Because the book is intended for national sale, some advance deadlines are necessary, namely having the ARCs out four months early for trade review.  Here is the likely production schedule:

Production Timeline:

August 29: Pubslush campaign ends.
September 8 – 13: Supporter voting period.
September 14 – October 5: Revised draft based on voting.
October 6 – November 2: Round one editing.
November 3 – November 24: Round two editing.
November 30 – December 15: Round three editing.
January 5: ARC mailing.
March 25: Mailing of physical preorders.
April 8: Electronic delivery of eBooks.


What are the stretch goals?

Once the campaign passes its minimum funding goal, I will announce additional goals to aim for.  One goal in mind is to donate copies to library systems so that horseracing can reach a wider audience.  Additionally, a better book (thicker card stock, higher pound paper, eco-friendly printing) is another benefit that everyone will be able to enjoy.  Additional stretch goals could include a professional race call for the 146th Kentucky Derby or commissioning storyboards for screenplay development.  Any rewards that can be made digital will be shared with all supporters.




Contact Information:

T. R. Racki

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