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Jul 17, 2015 3:56 PM ET

Archived: MARIGOLD THE MATADOR: a single mother, a schizophrenic homeless man and an 11-year old matador and how there worlds intersect

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 17, 2015



I have written and directed 6 feature films and I was looking for a way to completely challenge myself as a fimmaker and decided to rebuild my process as a director and try and make a movie with the least amount of resources that I could. That included not writing a script but telling a story as it happens. Developing characters with the actors and hopefully create situations where we weren’t capturing any acting but behavior and hopefully a story would develope from this process. I had to assemble a group of people who were extreamly open, dedicated and flexible in scheduling and shooting. I’m happy to say that we accomplished our goal and are now seeking to go into post-production and are using this platform to raise the rest of the funds. 

The idea of telling the story of the single mother came from working late nights at a downtown bar. I have a giant window that gives me a view of the sidewalk and often I would see women walking home from a factory job late at night to catch the last train or bus. Often times they would have their children with them. The thought of doing a documentary came to mind but ultimately I decided to do a narrative feature where I would map out the characters and scenarios and be open to whatever was discovered that day. Adding a schizophrenic homeless man was inspired by an uncle of mine who suffered from schizophrenia his entire life. That coupled with recent shootings of mentally ill homeless in Los Angeles by police officers moved me to tell the story of El Toro. 

As we began shooting I made the decision to make the film seem as if it was a childhood memory of the little girl. And I wanted the audience to try and discern between what actually happened  and what is just a vivid childhood memory. Mark Twain said “I remember everything from my childhood, whether it happened or not.” I wanted my approach to the main character to invoke that sentiment. Adding a grown up version of Marigold attending her first day of college showed that her mother was successful  in her sacrifices but that Marigold was still just as alone and introverted as she was as a little girl. 



Mari Montoya’s first day of college is riddled with anxiety and sparks childhood memories of growing up with her single mom and a 3 day friendship with a schizophrenic homeless man that ended in tragedy. 

Marigold the Matador is about Mari returning to being an 11 year old girl who makes the transition from little girl to young lady while being stuck in a concrete backyard while her mother goes to nursing school during the day and works as a waitress at night. 

Having just been evicted from their apartment, Marigold and her mother Lily start over by renting a garage space that has been converted into a one room apartment. The garage is surrounded by concrete walls and gives Lily some piece of mind as she leaves Marigold on her own while she goes to work and school. 

Burdended with boredom, Marigold tries to make the best of being left alone and tries to make her space as homey as possible with what she can find. 

One day as she is writing in her journal she hears grunting and shuffling on the other side of the fence. She soon sees a pair of horns peaking just above the fence line. As the tops of the trashcans are violently thrown up on the other side of the fence Marigold imagines herself as a graceful and powerful Matador and goes into a fantasy world where she battles and dances with El Toro. As she gets more curious about the beast on the other side of the fence she becomes more and more bold until it leads her outside the safety of her concrete home. 


We plan on releasing our film through many platforms. VOD streaming through Vimeo and theatrical through the TUGG platform. 

Contact Information:

Kenneth Castillo

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