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Jul 17, 2015 12:26 PM ET

Archived: Bring the Liberators to Europe!: to uncover the most loving city in Europe as we work our magic on the streets of London, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin & Barcelona in 5 epic weeks of uplifting social innovation

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 17, 2015

Bring the Liberators to Europe!

The story of the project

We’d love your help to uncover the most loving city in Europe as we work our magic on the streets of London, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin & Barcelona in 5 epic weeks of uplifting social innovation.

We’re on a mission to prove that, beyond our differences there is love and humanity! We’re tired of hearing about the separation, distrust and lack of connection in big cities so we’ve come up with a crazy way to create inspiring proof that our common humanity exists just cm’s beneath the surface of a seemingly faceless society.

You will be involved at the front line, in the streets and online as we create magical moments of human connection that can bring our shared humanity to life! You will also receive a professionally edited short documentary for your support in this project and we plan to share small videos to the supporters at every step of the way.

We’ve got professional videographer Elliot Cahill recording the experiments and documentary, DJ Jonathon Strzina spinning cutting edge soundtracks and keeping logistics together, professional dancer, actress and co-pilot Jae West leading dance and the ballsy founder of the Liberators Peter Sharp inspiring us all!

We’ve been given a special opportunity to collaborate and perform with the Morning Gloryville organisation on August 2nd in London and in other cities. This is our BIG opportunity to share and uplift our content with a global audience!

We’ve been saving our money, equipment and experience for the past year and now require your help financially to bring these final pieces of the project to life! This is going to be an interactive adventure like nothing you’ve ever experienced before and we want you along for the ride.

Please support our cause to awaken humanity by donating and or sharing this project now. 

Much love,

Peter, Jae, Jono, Elliot & The Liberators International Family.

How the funds will be used

The money will primarily be used to get us on the ground and to cover the minimum expenses. 

Costs Per Person in AUS Dollars
$ 2000 = Return Flights (Perth – London – Perth/ 1st of August – 6th of Sept)
$ 1000 = Internal Flights @ $200 each (London -> Paris -> Amsterdam -> Berlin -> Barcelona -> London)
$ 250 = Public Transport  ($50 per week x 5weeks)
$ 875 = Accommodation 5 weeks ($25 a night x 7days x 5weeks)
$ 1050 = Food ($30 per day x 7days x 5 weeks)
$ 300 = Emergency Fund
$ 5475 AUD per person (x 4 people = $ 21, 900 AUD)
Equivalent to € 3700 EURO per person (x 4 people = € 14, 800 Euro)
Equivalent to $ 4080 US Dollars per person (x 4 people = 16, 320 US Dollars)

Overhead Costs
$ 1250 Pozible Crowdfunding Commision 5% of Total Raised
$ 625 Credit Card Fees 2.5% of Total Raised
$ 900 50x T-shirt printing costs
$ 325 Mobile Internet & Phone Access ($65 x 5 cities)
$ 3100 AUD

$ 25,000 AUD
Equivalent to € 16,910 EURO
Equivalent to $ 18,675 US Dollars

Some of my other work

View our other work here www.theliberators.com.au
Listen to our mixes of music here https://www.mixcloud.com/petersharp1/blazing-swan-…
Check out our facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/theliberatorsinternationa…


Our biggest challenge is raising the capital required to get this project off the ground. We’ve come from different backgrounds and most of us have spent our money training, and getting the equipment required to make this adventure work however we’re still short. So with your help either donating or sharing this project with your friends we can make this a reality. We strongly believe if we can do this once, we will be able to sell our idea to a film studio next time!

We will also be coordinating venue hire for our club and FFX performances in each city. We will be working with our global mailing list of Liberators living in each city to assist us in finding venues for this.

Contact Information:

Peter Sharp
Jae West
Jonathon Strzina
Elliot Cahill

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