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Jul 17, 2015 9:00 AM ET

Archived: Aquarium Trials: designed for use as a tool to help those wishing to set up their own real life aquarium

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 17, 2015

Aquarium Trials



A highly accurate and sophisticated take on the virtual aquarium. Primarily designed for use as a tool to help those wishing to set up their own real life aquarium (but may also be played as a virtual aquarium game). Control over many variables including Aquarium dimensions, substrate type, plants and ornaments, filtration types and of course species to be housed. Each species selected will have its own set of variables that will interact with not only the other species but the previously listed variables as well.

For example you may set up a tank with sharp edged gravel and no hiding spots, only to find the stress caused by this lack of hiding or burrowing leads to an outbreak of white spot in your group of kuhli loach and ultimately leads to their demise.

Essentially the app may be used as a practice run (or multiple practice runs) before actually setting up a tank. The app will have a graphic and visually pleasing representation of the aquarium you build. The app will also build reports indicating stressed, ill or dead fish and what the cause and recommended course of action may be.

I myself am currently studying an animal management degree. I have also worked (and still do) in a pet shop for a number of years and specialise on the freshwater fish department. I take great pleasure from and interest in the aquarium hobby. during my time working as a sales assistant it has become a great frustration of mine when I encounter customers who come in with a try and see or impulsive attitude to buying fish. I do my best to politely (and helpfully) educate my customers as to what I believe will and wont work yet countless times people who do not listen allow fish to suffer and die in their care (I am not afraid to refuse a sale but sadly it is all too easy to go elsewhere). I truly believe this app could be both a lot of fun and educational and ultimately lead to many fish being saved from needless pain and suffering.

What makes this app so unique

  • A mix between Tamagotchi and competitive aquarium building, stocking and decorating elements that also has the potential to educate, save countless fish from needless suffering and death and the prospect of saving a user money on fish that may well have ended up dead if they had bought them.

Why we need your support

  • Funds to hire a programmer to code my variables (variables are a work in progress and will probably continue throughout the apps life as more is added)
  • Funds to hire a graphics designer
  • Further funds to extend the first graphics designers contract or hire another
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