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Jul 16, 2015 5:36 PM ET

Archived: ZeoS By GEP: An organic filter that absorbs toxins pesticides ammonium fertilizers from fruits or vegetables

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 16, 2015


Short Summary

We are proud to introduce you ZeoS by GEP.

The concept started when we decided to make a product that cleans toxins,pesticides, ammonium nitrate, heavy metals, from our fruits and vegetables.ZeoS is a filter from GEP that when placed it in water with fruits or vegetables, releases a powder that covers them and removes, everything  that harms your health.

We are from Greece and as you may already know the situation is unbearable  due to the economic crisis  . With minimal own economical support is difficult to complete every project. .

We can provide a really good filter for children’s health and future, proving that, even in difficult situations, people can look forward, be creative and productive.

GEP is a design and research team that when will be a company will give work to many more people… For almost a year and a half and after experiments with other organic materials, we decided to work with zeolite, a natural volcano rock with characteristics that make it a gift of nature to people. ZeoS is a 100% natural product which works like a sponge.

The amazing in this product is that after consuming the cleaned fruits or vegetablesthe zeolite powder that’s left on them, provides the daily human dosage of the best natural antitoxin. Zeolite is removed from human body after 8 hours, removing also every toxin and pesticide and heavy metal that already exists, providing better health.

ZeoS is a true gift and a natural asset for our health and better living. 

What We Need & What You Get

The goal is 300000 USD and the reason is clearly to produce the orders we already have and advertise our product worldwide.

The more we sell the more people will get to work

The Impact

ZeoS releases in water an organic volcano rock powder that has the ability to absorb high concentrations of nitrate toxins pesticides and heavy metals. Consuming the fruit without clean it with water the zeolite powder absorbs from our body any left toxins or pesticides and removes it in 8 hours. Actually eating fruits with zeos powder twice a day, it provides the daily dosage of zeos antitoxin. Zeolite is natures best antitoxin. If everyone uses it daily the impact to our health will be a unique priceless gift.

Risks & Challenges

In fact there is no risk or challenge, we produce it ourselfs and the more orders the more peolple we will hire to help our goal to introduce ZeoS worldwide. 

Other Ways You Can Help

Spread the word to as many as you can. ZeoS is a gift. And we we will do everything we can to provide it to everyone.

Contact Information:

Panagiotis Petridis
Elias Drivakos
Stoumpos Georgios

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