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Jul 16, 2015 9:49 AM ET

Archived: Thoughtful Food, Inc.: We make the best organic and gluten free foods

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 16, 2015



Quick Pitch

Thoughtful Food Inc. is a small company dedicated to hand making the best organic and gluten free foods.  It was started by a mom who’s family was adversly affected by food intolerance.  We sell our two flavors of granola (Notoriously Nutty and Seriously Seedy) in thousands of grocery stores accross the country.  


Product/Service Details

Currenlty we make two flavors in six skus of 100% organic and gluten free granola.  Giddy Up & Go Granola and comes in either Notoriously Nutty or Seriously Seedy flavors and in a 1.5 oz single serve package (sold nationally by Peet’s Coffee), our 11 oz retail size and a 2.5 lb. bulk bag.  Whether you like to eat your granola as a snack, on yogurt or in a bowl with milk, we have the perfect size!  This product is perfect for those individuals who have restricted diets and are concerned with the importance of an organic and gluten free diet.  


Traction & Accomplishments

  • Distribution in almost 3,000 grocery stores in the United States including Kroger, HEB, Sprouts, Safeway and Whole Foods (to name a few)
  • Distrbuted by  UNFI, KeHE, Nature’s Best and Sysco.  
  • Currently represented by one of two national brokers to the natural trade.
  • Recently passed Costco Audit and are ready to present in January, 2015.
  • Trailing revenue of $1.1 million

How We’re Different

We are one of the only manufactures of food that is always 100% organic AND gluten free.  We manufacture our products ourself in our own dedicated organic and gluten free plant in West Sacramento, CA.  




Jennifer Bielawski – CEO/Founder

Mom on a Mission! 


In the fall of 2009 my family was in trouble. I was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease Ulcerative Colitis. My 4 year-old-son was diagnosed with Eosinophillic Gastritis (ulcers in his stomach) with the treatment being a feeding tube and an elemental formula diet, and my 6 year-old daughter was showing signs of retro-active autism or depression. After doing much research I found the culprit for all of this…food intolerance. In an attempt to heal us, I began using the Specific Carbohydrate Diet which eliminates grain, starch, sugar and most lactose. As a result, I was forced to restock my kitchen and start from scratch. Because of the huge learning curve and the need to eliminate almost everything in my pantry, I spent $2,200 in one month alone trying to feed my family. After investing in many new gadgets and spending countless hours in the kitchen experimenting with recipes and searching for and testing numerous products, I learned how to replicate the foods that we could no longer tolerate. The hard work paid off. I went into remission almost immediately. My daughter began to emerge from the cloud that seemed to engulf her and after a second endoscopy on my son, done two months after the first that detected the ulcers, showed that they were then gone. After doing much research on food intolerance, I wanted to help educate others about the signs and symptoms. I organized several lectures that stressed the importance of an organic diet which morphed into the Thoughtful Food brand in 2010 after attendees of the lectures approached me about making food for their families. I have turned my passion for natural healing and love of cooking into our food product line where I hope others will benefit from my experience. I am so proud to introduce Giddy Up & Go Granola as our first offering in an entire organic and gluten free line-up. We pledge to never compromise on quality and thoughtfully source every ingredient from suppliers we trust. Thoughtful Food affirms my belief that the best foods are those that are simple, pure and clean.


Joe Heaney – President

Decades of experience in food manufacturing! 


As President of CornNuts, Joe Heaney led the company through a 7x revenue increase and a successful divestiture. After 3 successful turnarounds in 3 different industries, Joe created and led start-ups in such diverse industries as CPG and green technologies. He has also served on a number of private and non-profit Boards ranging from consumer goods to personal transportation vehicles and construction. His expertise is in assessing the critical issues in a business, then developing a strategy to achieve the best combination of product, technology, and distribution, with a profitable business model and long-term, sustainable competitive advantage. Joe understands how to build and deliver shareholder value, navigating through seven successful acquisitions/divestitures. Joe is an alumnus of Penn State and Harvard Business School.


Tim O’Donnell – VP Sales

Sales Guru 


Tim comes to us with decades of industry experience. Most recently, he served as the Vice President of Sales for Lundberg Family Farms where he was responsible for delivering aggressive growth plans each year. He managed six regional sales managers, sales support

Contact Information:

Jennifer Bielawski
Joe Heaney
Tim O'Donnell

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