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Jul 16, 2015 1:36 PM ET

Archived: Mishkáh Scholarship Fund – Sponsor Our Youth: Sponsor 10 Students for a Life-Changing Program, make Education Accessible to Youth of All Backgrounds!

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 16, 2015

Mishkáh Scholarship Fund – Sponsor Our Youth

Let’s Make Education Accessible to Everyone!

Medina was an accessible community. There was no price tag on sitting with the Prophet ﷺ and learning. If we are to embody the example of the Prophet ﷺ in our times, we must make our educational programs accessible to young Muslims from all backgrounds. With our team of great Muslim scholars, artists, entrepreneurs, and youth leaders, we have built the Mishkáh National Summer Revival, a program that brings together dynamic youth from around the country to spend time in nature, to have one-on-one mentorship with great Muslim scholars, artists, & thinkers, and to explore the history and culture of two of America’s greatest cities: Boston and New York City. We have accepted a number of amazing youth from around the country, ranging from high schoolers from the inner-city of Philadelphia to an undergraduate student at Princeton University. However, many of them need financial aid to attend what will insha’Allah be a life-changing program. Help us make that a reality by sponsoring 10 attendees!

Our World Class Team of Mentors

We have gathered an amazing team of Muslim scholars, artists, entrepreneurs, and thinkers that have been working with us to build an amazing program. We have also been working with a team of youth coordinators from around the country who will be counselors at the program. All of the mentors below will be resident mentors at the program, spending days with the students throughout the program and giving students one-on-one mentorship as they explore what it means to embody the Prophet’s ﷺ message in the context of America.

 Shaykh Muhammad Mendes  |  Shaykha Tamara Gray  |   Dawud Wharnsby

  Scholar & Spiritual Mentor          Scholar & Author            Singer-Songwriter

                                    Saad Omar            |            Ali Hussain

                              Artist & Entrepreneur             Academic & Writer

The Program

The Miskháh National Summer Revival is a life changing experience based program that brings together youth from around the country to spend 10 transformative days under the mentorship of some of the greatest Muslim scholars, artists, and thinkers in the country. 
The Program Will Include:

Personal Mentorship
One-on-one mentorship with renowned scholars, artists, entrepreneurs, and thinkers

Experiencing Nature 
Nature Hikes, Star-Gazing, Meditation, Limited Technology

Devotion & Worship
Qiyams, Qur’an Reflection Circles, 
Prophetic Invocations, Meditation
Student Teach-Back
Khutbah / speech training and student-led classes in order to apply and pass on all the knowledge attendees have learned 
Essential Topics
Seerah in the Context of America, Gems from the Qur’an, Purpose of Education, and More

Cultural Immersion
Exploring the Liberal Arts, Movies, Music, Poetry, Philosophy, and More

Outdoor Recreation
Hiking, Soccer, Football, Volleyball, Capture the Flag and More
Trips to New York City and Boston visiting places like Harvard, MIT, the world renowned MET Museum of Art and More
The Location

The Mishkáh Revival will be taking place at a scenic retreat home near the Catskill Mountains in up-state New York. The retreat home is on 40 acres of beautiful, private land. This location will allow students to rekindle their connection with nature while being in the company of great scholars and artists. By being in this location, students will also be able to easily access the cities of New York and Boston in order to benefit from the great history, culture, and universities of these cities. 

How You Can Help

Help us make this amazing program accessible to everyone by contributing to our scholarship fund. We have some amazing students from all over the country who need financial aid in order to attend. Help us sponsor 10 students and share it with your friends so that we can give everyone access to this innovative program.

Contact Information:

Obada Ghabra

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