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Jul 16, 2015 9:30 AM ET

Archived: Help Weple Save the Planet!

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 16, 2015


Game changing live social streaming technology changes people’s interaction with news, events, and experiences.

Seattle, WA: Seattle based mobile startup Weple –“We the People” – will be launching its real-time, social streaming social media platform on iOS within the next month.

Weple is the groundbreaking, patented, live and shared streaming social media experience. It’s a way to communicate, a way to share, a way to be at all those moments you could not necessarily find your way to. We facilitate connections, sharing moments, experiences, content, and lives through streaming. Streaming types include: uploaded, curated, categorized and live. Designed for relevance, we use natural social organization and interactions with the content. This distinction allows people to share with the world, or limit sharing to only relevant content with specific social groups, as not all friends are created equal. Finally, we deliver cutting edge navigation, low bandwidth thumbnails, trending categories within groups, streams pinned to categories on profile pages, and extended search capabilities. 5 years ago, Weple founder and CEO, Mary Anne Fletcher, saw this technology as the future of social media and filed a patent to protect her IP.

Weple’s focus is to bring unfiltered information directly to the users as events unfold–allowing users to see and experience what others are seeing and doing as it occurs. Weple is the only social media platform that will provide a one world, unifying experience with specific features such as Weple World, a live, shared user page displaying the same content to all users across the globe.

Features include:

  • Live video streaming from any mobile device
  • Groups
  • Archive video
  • Video filters
  • Content curation
  • Integrated chat
  • Privacy functionality
  • Live thumbnails on homepage


• Search engine and categorization

Fletcher, an entrepreneur and former fashion model, wants “Weple to build a link between people around the globe using mobile technology”. She is dedicated to using the exposure from her platform to strengthen communities, spread good deeds, and give back to the planet. As part of Fletcher’s personal mission, Weple will donate 10-20% of its profits through WepleGives.com.

Weple is the first social media platform that integrates social media streaming with real world activity. It is breaking all molds as the social media evolution of real time, real life, and real world integration. Weple. Share the experience. Change the world. Stream. For more information, go to http://www.weple.com/.



Contact Information:

Mary Anne Fletcher

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