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Jul 16, 2015 1:15 PM ET

Archived: Building Mercy For Dogs Rescue Center: a no kill dog rescue center that will provide housing, rehabilitation, confidence and self esteem

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 16, 2015

Building Mercy For Dogs Rescue Center



Every year approximately seven million dogs enter into dog shelters and approximately 56% of those same dogs will be euthanized.  Our project Mercy For Paws is a no kill dog rescue center that will provide housing, rehabilitation, confidence and self esteem building skills, social and development skills, full medical evaluation, vaccinations, micro chipping, and spay and neuters of each rescue.  Mercy For Paws is also going to provide assistance to veterans and soldiers who are suffering with PTSD. My son was diagnosed with PTSD years ago, and it is amazing how well he has done since we have rescued seven dogs of our own.  So as I have seen with my own eyes and get to witness new mile stones every single day with my son, I know for a fact that dogs can and are very therapeutic to humans.  Mercy For Paws has high hopes of possible opportunities to be able to work with the Wounded Warrior project by donating a rescue dog and our time in honor of our military brothers and sisters who have sacrificed so much fighting for our country.  I know personally from experience just how therepeutic a dog can be for a someone struggling emotionally and I want to be able to provide that same support for someone else.  At one point in my life when I felt I was at my lowest I chose to rescue a dog who still til this day I am not sure who saved who. Our rescue dogs will be provided to veterans and soldiers at no cost. Mercy For Paws supports our troops past, present, and future!!!  Our goal is to rescue as many dogs as we can from the local animal shelters who are on the urgent list to be euthanized.  As well as taking in those who have been left abandoned, neglected, and abused, or just left to die.  Our plan is to get our local and surrounding communities involved with the importance of adoption, keeping our forever friends safe and secure at all times, and we will spread awareness and educate the public on the importance of healthy ways to control the over population of the over whelming amount of dogs running the streets and ending up in shelters every single day.  Mercy For Paws will be involved in community events of our own as well as paying it forward to other organizations who are also in need of help.  And we will have a type of program that if someone is wanting to keep their dog but they need help with medical bills, dog food, etc, that we will help them so they do not have to sacrifice their best friend in the process.  That can be one of the hardest things to have to do.  Dogs are truly amazing animals and are so forgiving, loving, compassionate, and will be your best friend until the end of time.  They are faithful, and loyal like no other friend.  And all they want or need is love, food, and affection.  With those three things they will love you forever and they will show you just how grateful they are!!! So please help our project Mercy For Paws for my passion is to save as many dogs as I can.  I wish I could save them all, but honestly that would take a miracle of God!!!  I have already committed my life to rescuing dogs, and I will NEVER give up on getting our project funded, built, and our doors opened to the public and to ALL the dogs who need saving.  The picture of the shelter that is listed above, is the type of shelter that we are hoping to build to be able to house all the rescues and keep them out of the weather.  We are also building at least two safe and secure outdoor play grounds for the dogs with obstacle courses which will help in developing any skills that they may need to work on as well as ensuring they will receive the proper exercise that they need on a daily basis.

Contact Information:

Holly Jones

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