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Jul 16, 2015 12:05 PM ET

Archived: Alive Juices: a profitable health & nutrition startup serving consumers in Washington DC and Baltimore metro areas

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 16, 2015

Alive Juices

Alive Juices Logo


Alive Juices is a profitable health & nutrition startup serving consumers in Washington DC and Baltimore metro areas.

Alive Juices = High efficiency, Ayurvedic fuel for your mind & body, Delivered at your Doorstep.

Alive Juices is bootstrapped and has been operational since May 2013. It became profitable in February 2014. The business operates on a subscription model, and has high customer retention. With heavy use of software and Lean Methodology, it saves heavily in labor and delivery costs, and its operations are built to be immensely scalable.

Products / Services

Ayurveda-based Fresh Juices. FREE Delivery @ Doorstep

Imagine tasty, nutritious juices to fuel your mind and body. Delivered to your doorstep. Within your budget.

Americans have been turned off by the broken healthcare system and are turning to good nutrition for their physical well being. Thus we see a growing demand for organic, vegan foods. Alive Juices satisfies this demand by delivering fresh, Ayurveda-based juices to consumers.

My own quest started with my dad’s stroke in 2009. He got excellent medical care while also getting terrible nutritional care at the hospital. So my family took it upon ourselves to change his diet. We gave him fresh, home made juices and within a few months he was well on his way to recovery. And today, he is virtually back to normal. That’s quite a feat considering the stroke paralyzed half his body. Now I’m on a mission to bring juices to all of America!

Alive Juices delivers live nutrients and enzymes in an easily absorbable form, something not available in supermarket juices & vitamin supplements.

Contact Information:

Rachan Malhotra

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