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Jul 15, 2015 2:20 PM ET

Archived: Valentina Brave – Debut EP: I’m heading over to Margaret River in WA and into the studio to record my debut EP

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 15, 2015

Valentina Brave – Debut EP

M Y  B A C K G R O U N D

My name is Natalie Carey. Valentina Brave is the name i gave myself years ago to give myself permission to throw myself at the extraordinary. It has worked. I live a tremendously blessed and exciting life. My heart and soul lies in supporting the creative arts, Indigenous language and culture and activism against social injustices. I’ve dedicated my life to raising 3 divine daughters, being a wife to my soul mate and best friend, working in the arts and to the pursuit of my own creative voice.

Coming from a large family of beautifully passionate artists, singers, songwriters, painters and spiritual seekers it was only natural that i spent my childhood immersed in the magic of music and art. My proud father often recalls that i was singing complicated melodies before i could speak actual words. He put me on stage with him for the first time at the age of seven. My strongest calling has always been to sing, write and perform. As so many artists i know can relate, it’s just the thing that really makes sense and what i know i was put here on this earth this time to do. Music is my medicine and the way that i, a completely oversensitive exposed soul, processes the world around me that i find equally breathtaking and heartbreaking.

Along with my music, my obsessive creative mind never sleeps and i have many projects and artworks on the go at at all times. I paint, sculpt, take photos, make films, make jewelry, write books and poetry, I’ve run a jazz club, taught music and singing and in recent years i have been working full time running The Wiwa Project; a community arts development program which i co-developed with senior musicians and traditional owners from Maningrida Community in very remote Arnhem Land NT Australia.

Now that my children are a bit older, i am ready to go nuts on pursuing my music goals. I have SO MUCH music to give and so many things to say and places to visit and sounds to capture and love to share and people to sing with and stages to dance on.

T H E  P L A N

In August I’m heading over to Margaret River in WA and into the studio to record my debut EP. I will be working with some truly remarkable artists.

Danielle Caruana – Mama Kin, We Two Thieves – will be producing this for me. This is one of the first times Dan has been in the producers role and the first time i have given creative license to anyone else. Her contribution to this music excites the hell outta me. The level of honesty, integrity and vision in her own work is next level inspiring and having someone with such a fresh vision and approach to creating; represents the chance for us to breath some new kinda magic into the studio space and make something utterly unique. With her also, most probably getting on the mic for some Vocals and other experimental goodness, going into this with her beside me to help sculpt and mold these songs and sounds feels like a gift from the music gods.

Dave Mann – Dave Mann Collective, We Two Thieves – will be engineering. An awesome singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist in his own right. We will working in Dave’s studio in Margaret River. He will be our all round guru all things buttons, sounds, textures, effects, instruments, harmonies, yummy mics, and vintage amps. Coupled with the fact that he and Danielle have a beautiful working creative relationship on other projects makes this a perfect fit. Another musical compadre to Danielle and Dave is Mr James Newhouse, acclaimed producer and engineer from Real2reel Studios who is going to mix it.

Coming with me across to WA is my dear friend and incomparable guitarist and composer Matt Smith. Matt has traveled internationally with Thirsty Merc and he and i have been writing and playing together for over 10 years. His contribution to my music has always been transformational. An insane musical ear and progressive ideas, i am thrilled and humbled to have him as a part of this process.

Also featured on the album will be two senior musicians from Arnhem Land, Victor Rostron and Crusoe Kurddal (Lead actor – 10 Canoes). I work with these guys daily and we have done many creative projects together. They’ll be be recorded and filmed in Maningrida in the Wiwa Studio. Victor is writing an outro to a track called “This Place, Your Soul” in Kune language and Crusoe is blessing it with an ancient Kuninjku spirit song. This is a song I’ve written as reflection on the intrinsic connection of bininj (indigenous peoples) to their country, ceremony and the spirit world. I’ll take the files with me to Dave and we’ll mix them into the track once we get there.

Capturing the whole journey will be incredible music documentary maker and my best mate Polly Snowden of Pollination Music Media and Events. Having worked internationally with Michael Franti, Santana, John Butler, Mama Kin and The Cat Empire, she is a powerhouse and huge asset to any creative space. Polly will film, photograph and edit video content that will result in a music video and a behind the scenes clip. Polly recently filmed some background content of me in Maningrida. I will use the content to promote and market the finished product.   

The songs are about many things, but themes of hope, pain, love, life and afterlife flow throughout all of them. They are a reflection of the heavy and dynamic world i live in where ancient spirituality and everyday life are one and the same. Where the elements speak clearly. Where the dirt gets in the cracks of your being and then the rain comes and washes it all away. They are a mix of many styles, somewhere in the soundscape of Feist, Bat For Lashes, Hozier, Pink Floyd or maybe Fever Ray or maybe Fleetwood Mac. These are all influences and to be honest i have NO IDEA how to stylistically describe my sound. I have some progressive concepts for the presentation of the album that i think will really set it apart. The multimedia and visual elements are just as important to me in creating a whole offering. This is a holistic body of work that i am throwing my whole creative self at.


How the funds will be used


The money will go to:

Production and Engineering:
Total $5000

Total $1500

Session Musicians:
Total $1000

Total $2000


Any additional money raised over my goal of $8000 will go towards covering the remainder of these costs plus Mastering, Promotion and Publicity and Touring.



The tyranny of distance between me and the rest of the mainstream world is an obstacle. I live VERY REMOTE. Therefore not only the fundamental development costs of any project but also the costs involved with getting places is high. This means that i rely heavily on funding and grants. As a self managed artist i am constantly looking for new ways to reach my personal music goals. The challenge is often in where the next financial support will come from. I have used this Pozible campaign for the initial stages of this project so i can utilise further arts funding opportunities for the mastering, marketing, touring and promotion of the finished product.
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