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Jul 15, 2015 4:40 PM ET

Archived: The Market on Main Retail Location: Help the Market on Main deliver more food from our farms to your fork!

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 15, 2015

The Market on Main Retail Location

The Market on Main began in 2013 with the idea that the people of Somerset, Kentucky were ready for a vibrant, diverse community market that gave local farmers and artisans a viable outlet for their wares. The project was embraced with open arms and an overwhelming amount of love and support. We have deeply loved being a part of this community and sharing our passion for local food and creative people with the people of Somerset. You have loved us back by showing up every week of the season—rain or shine—and shopping with our vendors, listening to our music, and sharing your lives with us. 

But every week we hear the same thing from you: three hours once a week in the summer just isn’t enough. You want access to our healthy farm products in a way that is more convenient to your busy schedules. You also want to get that some warm feeling of community whenever you need to feel good, not just on Thursday nights. 

We have heard your pleas, which is why in the fall of 2015 we are opening a retail location for the Market on Main. But we can’t do it without your help! Read on to find out how you can support our vision for a new space in Somerset to get the products you want when you want them. 

What We Need & What You Get

Our vision for a retail space extends beyond just what our farms offer to include other unique offerings of Kentucky farms and artists, as well as natural and fair trade items to help round out the mix. We have leased over 2,000 square feet of retail space to be sure we have plenty of room for plenty of food as well as space for workshops, classes, and maybe even the occasional live music from talented local musicians. 

We have so many ideas for making a space that promotes healthy food and a strong feeling of community and we are willing to do the work, but we can’t do it alone. We need some startup cash to help make this dream a reality. In return, we will offer you the same level of innovation and dedication that earned the Market on Main a business of the year award from the Somerset-Pulaski County Chamber of Commerce in 2014 and our founder, Jamie Aramini, a Crave Civic Agriculture Award for local food advocacy. Plus, we’ve also come up with some fun perks in exchange for your support!

The Budget

We are asking for $15,000 to help complete our goal of opening a retail location. 

Here is a breakdown of where that will go:

Indiegogo Fees $750

Credit Card Processing $500

Reward Fulfillment $3,000

Building Improvements/Repairs $4,000

POS System  $1,200

Display Shelving and Bulk Bins $3,500

Misc. Startup Costs $2,050

This amount only represents a part of our startup costs (such as licenses, permits, leasing, refrigeration, getting the existing walk-in back in working order, and staff) and hopes for the space, but it will go a long ways towards helping us realize our dream of a welcoming, beautiful, inviting space for the people of Somerset to purchase healthy, local foods. 

Risks & Challenges

This is a huge project, both in terms of financial and time investment. With any such project, there are bound to be challenges. Things often cost more and take longer, but you can be assured that the same level of devotion that has made the Market on Main a success will be applied to this project. 

If we don’t meet our funding goals, this project will still be completed, but on a smaller and slower scale. This could possibly mean a delay in perk fulfillment. It is a bit of an experiment for Somerset, but we fully believe that the community is ready and willing to embrace this new project with the same open arms that have made the Market on Main a success. 

Other Ways You Can Help

Even the smallest contribution of $5 will help us achieve our goal. In fact, if every one of our Facebook followers gave $5 towards our goal—this project would be fully funded! If you can’t give financially, please consider sharing this project on your Facebook or Twitter accounts to help spread the word! Also, you can continue to support our farmers and artists by visiting the Market on Main every Thursday night from 5-8 pm in downtown Somerset at the Judicial Center Plaza from June-August. Oh, and don’t forget—music starts at 6. See you there!

Contact Information:

Jamie Aramini

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