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Jul 15, 2015 3:33 PM ET

Archived: Rebirth of advertising age: To bring revolution in Advertising industry

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 15, 2015

Rebirth of advertising age

About me and this ideaInspired Mechanical engineer who spent 7 years in education for Engineering graduation. After completion just got realized Oh my God! I have wasted my most precious part of life by doing something which was not something that should be in my life. 

Decided to take shift into Tech and Marketing to prove passion as reality, People buying and spending behavior. Than I got injected some specialized Marketing & Advertising coursed from top notch faculty of best university in my country. Started working with Multi National Companies around the globe virtually and physically as well. I earned myself by proving in professional environment. Honestly I am not only a Marketing person, I have hands on experience of coding and technical work in web and mobile environment. Worked as Marketing Manager and Project Manager as well in digital world.After all I just thought Why not to conduct a research about Advertising in local market (out of house media) and digital as well. I selected 10’X40′ out door at the busy place of city.See what happened

  • Visited 20 Ad Agencies in 7 days, 12 of them was small and 8 major role player of market
  • Asked for Quotation, Date of Current Ad expiry, owner of that banner, tax and restrictions by Govt
  • 16 Agencies got stuck and they were dialing different people to ask the information as like someone is dialing in stock exchange for selling penny stock
  • 4 Agencies got big hands every one was trying to earn maximum profit by giving high prices 
  • Than I thought ok this was fine I got the prices now lets find the owner of this out door.
  • I explored actually those 4 agencies and found only 1 of them is having direct contact to owner and other 3 are just playing as a role of broker
  • Finally I met with the owner and when he told me about initial prices, except death everything happened to me, 220% cost difference found.
  • This whole trouble and this very lengthy process showed me an opportunity.

Feasibility of idea & Achievements 
I started working on business plan with the goal of One Stop Solution for Ad Agencies and as well as for clients. Where agency and client both ends can get access in real time. End to End smooth communication built a transparent system that can make this market more approachable and progressive. What will be the features of this system.

  • Global Updated Maps with original location of Out Door
  • Specs of Out-door, currently occupied and next vacant date status. 
  • Bidding facility for most attractive Out doors that can give higher price to agencies 
  • Also can give a chance to small clients to occupy space when prices are low
  • Competitors watch for one out door, like BMW vs Audi focus
  • Highly tech surrounded system which can help to communicate between Brand Manager of company and Advertising Agency
  • Real time 3D simulation of every ad where we need to check the view with respect to road and traffic
  • Centralize point for management to discuss more about the selection of placement before going to make it live
  • Many others features those are must be disclosed after NDA 
  • Only for electric displays loading of data from remote location (future phase of this idea)

Why this?

  • To bring revolution in Advertising industry 
  • To eliminate monopoly of one advertiser for a specific location
  • To create a cycle between multiple channels, i.e Brand Managers to Agency, Agency to Designing and Printing Vendors
  • Govt access to all advertising channel directly without any additional time lag 
  • Approval and Disapproval of ad by Govt. department will become easy by giving them a new access through this channel

RisksRisk is only budgets to fulfill scope of work
No one can get this idea before me because this is already patent internationallyChallenges

  • High level of coding on server end is required, timeline of this project is pretty lengthy
  • Seniors resources required to bring R&D on regular basis during product development 
  • To convince Agencies and others that this product can make their life easy
  • Govt. as a stake holder

Ways You Can HelpContribution is not the only way to be a part of this campaign, share this and create a buzz that will also help me to empower.What if I will not get my required funds?First thing that will happen, “high level of de-motivation”
If my target is not going to fulfilled that does not means I will drop this project. Aforesaid features are different part of same project I will decrease the scope of technical work and handlers of project but to believe in myself this project will go live

Contact Information:

Jalil Nawaz

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