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Jul 15, 2015 9:56 AM ET

Archived: Mobile Greeting Cards: to create personalized cards with the use of text, music, photos and videos

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 15, 2015

Mobile Greeting Cards



AO Cards solution empowers users to create personalized cards with the use of text, music, photos and videos. Moreover, we will create a new audience of customers with our smart device collaboration ability and its ease of integration into existing businesses. We plan to take social media by storm, capturing every special event or moment and sharing the memories with others.
Additionally, will allow users to create a group share. For example, if one attends a wedding. The wedding party coordinators would create an administrative share. The coordinator could send a request to all invitees for the wedding. The invitees would open the app share and send their photos, videos and text message to the coordinator. The coordinator would have the ability to edit, preview and publish the collaboration share to email or post to social media accounts.

What makes this app so unique

  • AO Cards is a company which allows consumers to create online cards and add texts, photos and videos; allowing its customers to expect nothing less than a unique experience. Each card is designed by the customer with their photos, text message(s), videos and film; designed and arranged with the end user in mind, making them an original creation, much to the enjoyment of each recipient. AO Cards creates a product which is distinctive, personalized, and unique.
  • Product Features
  • • Design—Our greeting cards are more than simply cards or computer generated email, rather each and every greeting card is seen as a personalized work–of–art. The message is seen at AO Cards to be an emotional piece of oneself via smart devices, and that is why AO cards seeks to provide the best representation of thoughtfulness and character with each and every personalized online card.
  • • Quality— There is no interaction involved in the process of making these online greeting cards; rather, each card is designed and distributed to the recipients.
  • • Craftsmanship—Software embedded in the service will allow for ease of use for most smart devices users. AO Cards greeting cards is created within the U.S., automated design for preview, and delivered immediately.
  • • Customization/Personalization—AO Cards is happy to discuss any means of personalization or customization of any card category, as our IT team is adept in creating those cards which meet the desires and tastes of each individual customer, event shares, and businesses.

Why we need your support

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Contact Information:

AO Cards LLC

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