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Jul 15, 2015 8:10 AM ET

Archived: Meet The Renegade Broom – The Broom Revolution That’s Sweeping the Nation

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 15, 2015


 Meet The Renegade Broom – The Broom Revolution That’s Sweeping the Nation

The Handy Camel Launching New Renegade Broom on Kickstarter


North Kansas City, MO. – July 14, 2015 – The Handy Camel teamed up with the Fritze family in Germany to bring The Renegade Broom, a top selling product in Germany for years, to the United States.

In the 1960’s Heinz Fritze, an engineer, wanted to clean his find black suit for an important event.  He used an ordinary brush for cleaning, but was not happy with the result; he realized that the bristles just slid over the surface of the suit.  He knew the bristles needed to have a curve so the ends would touch the surface vertically, maintaining contact at all times.

In the Fritze family business, everything revolves around their secret curved bristle technology.  It started with the clothing brush in 1962 and eventually developed into the outdoor broom.

The Problem With Traditional Brooms

Just like with the original clothing brush Heinz Fritze used, traditional outdoor brooms slide over the surface, leaving behind dirt and debris as the bristles float and bounce over the top of uneven surfaces surface.  So, the Renegade Broom was developed using the same technology.

Renegade Broom – The Perfect Outdoor Broom

The Renegade Broom with arched bristle technology is hand-crafted using the finest parts and components.  In fact it’s one of the last handcrafted brooms in Germany and a Fritze family secret as to how the bristles are bent.

The Renegade Broom is a curved pull broom, making it a revolutionary way to sweep.  Like a rake, you pull dirt and debris toward you rather than pushing it away.  By pulling the arched bristles toward you, you get more surface contact, picking up dirt and debris that a traditional broom leaves behind, making it great for uneven surfaces like brick, stone and wood. With one swipe of the Renegade Broom, you get a superior clean in half the time of a traditional broom.

It’s extremely durable, yet lightweight and easy to handle.  The adjustable, telescoping handle, allows you to adjust the height to fit you.

Uses for the Renegade Broom

The Renegade Broom is the perfect broom for the home, farm, and construction sites. It makes short work of snow, wet leaves, wet grass, dirt, pine needles, mulch and even drywall dust on patios and decks.  It is excellent in hard to reach areas like corners and under desks and workbenches.  You can even use it to rake your lawn.

If you’ve ever tried to sweep out a trailer or the back of a truck, you know how difficult this can be with uneven surfaces, nooks, and crannies.  With the Renegade Broom, you can easily and quickly sweep the back of trucks and trailers, removing significantly more dirt and debris than possible with a traditional broom.

Kickstarter Campaign Launch

On August 15th, The Handy Camel is launching a Kickstarter campaign to bring the Renegade Broom to the United States.

The Handy Camel will offering the Renegade Broom, which retails for $40 to $50 in other countries, for only $19 in additional to other awesome perks.  This will be a limited time opportunity to buy the Renegade Broom reserved for early bird’s.

To stay tuned on the launch, visit http://TheHandyCamel.com/Renegade-Broom-Launch to sign up to stay tuned on the launch and for other special offers.

Help The Handy Camel bring this product to the United States and join the broom revolution that’s sweeping the nation.

About The Handy Camel

The Handy Camel began with the giant Handy Camel Bag Clip. Born of necessity, this signature product was conceived and designed by farm and construction workers who needed a sturdy tool to seal and carry and pour large product bags of all kinds. From there, the company expanded its search for a wider range of high-quality consumer product inventions that offer multiple uses in a single simple product. The latest addition to that lineup is The Handy Camel Renegade Broom. For more information on the product, please visit TheHandyCamel.com.

Contact Information:

Lea Bailes
The Handy Camel

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