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Jul 15, 2015 5:56 PM ET

Archived: Lighting Up Earlsfield for Christmas: Providing Festive Lights on Lamposts in Garratt Lane between Earlsfield Road and Isis Street

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 15, 2015

Lighting Up Earlsfield for Christmas

Lighting Up Earlsfield for Christmas


About the project

A Christmas Present for Earlsfield
A number of Earlsfield businesses have asked to have festive lights on lamp columns in the Earlsfield part of Garratt Lane for approximately 5 weeks during the 2015/16 Christmas and New year period. The feeling is there would be a substantial boost to the local economy and that it also enables businesses to give back to the residents with whom they trade on a day to day basis. So the majority of funding is aimed at the business community but we also need the help and support of Earlsfield Community: residents, families and friends.

The amount of goodwill, cheer and fun this project will bring to Earlsfield is immeasurable and it is in all of our best and long term interests to continue to build on the great community spirit that exists in this area.

Where and costs involved
The Council has confirmed that out of 25 lamp cloumns on Garratt Lane between Earlsfield Road and Isis Street, 19 could be adapted to carry festive lights. The 1st Year cost, which includes adapting light fittings, the costs of the lights and electricity usage, is approximately £10K + VAT. Succeeding years would only need the lights to be re-fitted. With storage costs and electricity usage, this works out at approximately £5k + VAT per year.

Managing the process
On the 18th June 2015, Members of the Earlsfield Business Network and the Wandsworth Chamber of Commerce joined the Wandsworth Town Centre Manager in hand delivering a letter from Wandsworth Council explaining the above message and talking to businesses to gauge your views. Almost 99% of businesses visited said they would suppoprt a Festive Lights fund raising campaign by making a contribution.

Earlsfield Business Network, a part of Wandsworth Chamber of Commerce are prepared to lead on this matter and take care of the administration, planning and contractual obligations. The proposal for Festive Lights is wholly dependant on local businesses, including financial support and we need to know if you will work with us to achieve these aims.

All business contributors will automatically become part of the Earlsfield Business Network Traders’ Association and will be invited to work with colleagues in the planning and fund raising process. Any spending of surplus funds will be decided on by the Traders Association Committee and for example, could be put towards an Earlsfield Christmas Fair. Local Community representatives/ residents are also asked to volunteer and help out on the this committee.

More Information
If you would like any further information or  wish to volunteer your services to help in the planning please contact:

Alexandra Wyatt, General Manager at Tara Arts Alexandra@tara-arts.com 020 8333 4457

Launch Party and Meet Ups
There will be a Launch Party at the Bean and Hop, 424-426 Garratt Lane on Wednesday 8th July from 6PM and then a Meet UP on the 2nd Wednesday of each month between 6PM and 9PM where businesses and residents can come and ask questions. All are welcome.

The best way to show your support is to make a contribution and encourage other local busineses and residents to do the same. We will keep you fully informed but to meet the deadling to purchase the lights within the buying timescales, we need to raise sufficient monies by September 2015.

Yours sincerely

Terence Witten

Chairman, Earlsfield Business Network



Supported by Wandsworth Chamber of Commerce

Steve Pinto

CEO, Wandsworth Chamber of Commerce

E: steve@wandsworthchamber.org



Supported by Wandsworth Council

Contact Information:

Steve Pinto

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